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Self-care is the biggest buzzword right now when it comes to Mental Health & Recovery. In a generation where we push ourselves to always be busier, better and brighter, we rarely stop and press pause, give ourselves a timeout and just breaaaathe.

I am guilty of it, looking back over the last week I can say at least 4 of my working days I didn’t even take a lunch break, let alone give myself a timeout to refocus and give myself some TLC.

But yet Self Care is one of the most important tools that we can use to aid recovery and wellness, and put ourselves in a better place not only physically, but mentally as well. I want to use self-care now to help me find the balance between work, life and everything in between.

So what is Self-care? The first thing that comes to mind is Pinterest, full of vision boards and pins showing off the latest self-care tips, most making a huge dent in the bank. Most times people relate it to having a pamper sesh too, which is pretty nice but Self-Care is so much deeper than that.

Self-care is making sure that you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually well before helping others. You may not be all well in every area, some need more tending to than others.

Here are my ideas for self-care:

  • Take a social media break
  • Cuddle your pet
  • Read a new book
  • Start journaling
  • Have a facemask
  • Binge watch a series on Netflix
  • Declutter
  • Meditate
  • Self Massage
  • Mini stretch session
  • Practise body positivity
  • Cook your favourite food
  • Take a walk
  • Exercise
  • Buy some flowers
  • Learn something new
  • Have an early night
  • Daily Alone/Reflection Time

The important part of Self-Care is that it isn’t a one-time event, for it to truly work you need to make time each day, even 10-15 minutes to give yourself some alone time, breathing space. Read a chapter of a new book, Take a long bath, Go for a walk. Schedule time for you and your thoughts and reflect back on how things are going. Find the balance.

Lots of love, S x

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