Instagram Tips You Should Know


Instagram is a social media program which has blown up in recent years and is now one of the most popular social platforms in the world. When you are thinking of ways to either market your business or your personal brand there is a lot to be gained by choosing Instagram as your online platform and it can be incredibly beneficial to you if you do. Here are just some of the ways that you can up your photography game this year and become and Instagram star.

Rep products

One of the easiest ways as a fitness guru and budding influencer to make some money is to rep products on your page. It could be a branded nut butter you eat, a vegan protein you enjoy or some fitness gear you always wear. By making sure to show these products in your feed in creative away you will grab the attention of brands and people will start to approach you offering you money or free products for a mention on your feed. It is a great way to get into the instagram world and can be highly beneficial to you.

Tag companies

When you take a photograph and decide to share it with your followers you will get the chance to tag people in your photo. Of course, if you are the only on in your photograph you wouldn’t think to tag someone else… but you can. Let’s say you are wearing a gymshark sports bra. You can take a selfie and tag them in the image to allow them to see you wearing their product. This makes it much more likely for you to be contacted by this company in the future for a collaboration.

Use new perspectives

There is a specific way we always think of taking a product or a fashion photograph and it is more often than not straight in front or on top of the subject. But everyone takes photos like this and you want your images to stand out! Here are a couple of ideas you can use the next time you want to take a photo:

  • Flatlay it –  a flatlay is a technique which uses props and backgrounds to set the scene for a photograph. It is used for products and can be a great way to show off an idea and aesthetic as well as your product. Use petals, leaves, twigs and other small objects to set a scene and create a stunning frame for your subject.

  • From above – If you want to shoot an image of a person, you can stray away from the regular front facing poses and get up high to make the model look up at the camera. This can be effective for so many things and it adds interest to a photograph.

  • From below – similar to above, you can crouch below your subject and have them either look down at you or off into the distance in front of them.

  • From through something else – a doorway, an archway or a hole in the wall… shooting images through something else to get to your subject can make for a stunning piece and a more artsy feel.

  • On the side – set up a photograph like you normally would with your subject facing you, and then at the last minute walk to their side and take the image here. It can make for a more candid look and it can be stunning.

Make them laugh

One of the most beautiful things that you can do for your model when trying to shoot a photograph for Instagram is take many more photos than you need. This will allow you to not only capture the posed pictures but to also see them natural: smiling and laughing. Candid and unplanned images are often the most beautiful of all so make sure you try to capture them!

Nail those poses

If you want to nail those images and make sure that they are see far and wide by the best people in the business you will want to think about nailing your poses. For example Fitness instagram gurus use a pose which involves hand on hips and a slight lunge in the lg to get that stunning figure which everyone craves to look at. Take some inspiration from your favourite influencers and this should help you to gain more engagement and be a success on the platform. It is all about using what works and taking this back to your own style, and it will take your feed to the next level.