& the sun will rise; an introduction

& the sun will rise; mental health

Mental health, Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphia, Depression.

These are all things that continue to be issues that we do not talk about openly within everyday life, whether it stems from fear, lack of knowledge, understanding or stigma.

My lack of conversation stems from fear & stigma. I recently found myself reaching for help after pretending everything was okay for a long time and I felt like I couldn’t speak to anyone about it. It felt like I was drowning; and every day the water got higher.

Welcome to ‘& The Sun Will Rise;’

My 8 part series to my mental health experience. I’m not promising you advice, I’m not going to try and fix you. I’m simply going to tell you my story, therefore hoping that by doing so I might be able to not only heal myself but also make people aware of the reality that we are not alone in our suffering. I’ve been hiding for a very long time but now I’m ready to wear my heart on my sleeve.


Lots of love, S x

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Mental Health