& the sun will rise; Foreword

From the outside ​& The Sun Will Rise;​ could appear to you as being ‘just another blog series’, but I can testify as someone who has been lucky enough to be right alongside SIan since this was nothing more than an idea scribbled on a millennial pink post-it note in my diary, this is so much more. The concept was simple, Sian and I had already been discussing the ‘direction’ in which to take her blog and and I was the annoying best friend that wanted her to use her platform and more importantly use her voice. I am lucky enough to hear that voice every day. Whether it be a quick text, a voice memo or my favorite – a 4 hour long call. But it’s easy to talk behind closed doors. It’s easy to speak up when you feel safe.

& The Sun Will Rise; was born out of the idea that not everyone has a friend to call. Not everyone has a doctor they feel comfortable enough to open up to. So many people are suffering in the dark, alone. We wanted to change that, whatever way we could. Both Sian and I agreed and had discussed prior to this that whilst processing and trying to heal when it came to mental health; you could categorize 90% of the online results into either the stories that felt too clinical to relate to or the stories that didn’t seem like they were even written by a human with actual feelings. When you have spiraled so far into a episode of depression that you have forgotten what it’s like for the ground beneath your feet to feel stable, reading headlines like ‘Five steps to find happiness’ isn’t the answer. I’m not saying that this is; but I can tell you that every single emotion described, thought processed and word used in this project is not only fueled by brutal honesty but it’s raw and it’s real.

At first, when Sian was hesitant to really sink her teeth into this (which I more than understood) I had one main argument. We both knew opening up about mental health can seem like the most daunting conversation in the world to have; never mind having it put on the internet. Realistically though? even if it didn’t work as a project, even if no one read it, it would be good for her. It would be a way of spinning something that at times has felt like it was controlling elements of who she was and what she could be and taking some of that control back.I’m so proud to say that Sian has put her blood, sweat and tears into this project. It has been a labour of love and I can not tell her enough that by taking on this project it not only shows how bold and brave she is, but also yet again proving to the world that she can take even the darkest moments and turn them into the fire that fuels her lion heart.

I sincerely hope that you love reading this project just as much as I have loved being a part of it. Whether you have landed on this page by chance or if you are here because you have some of or something similar to the feelings Sian is going to discuss in the pieces to follow; I hope that you find light tangled up in the words that she has written. I hope buried in between the vowels and adjectives you find the sign that you have been waiting to see or that by reading Sian’s experience it triggers the voice inside your head that you’ve been praying you’d be strong enough to one day be able to listen to.

This isn’t going to be about the facts and the figures or the five steps to happiness. Although Sian is brilliant she doesn’t have all the answers, but what she does have is a story and I’m so excited for the world to finally hear it. So before I go on any longer; Sian, I adore you and I’m so proud of what you’ve created and the woman you are not only because you took on this project but also because in doing so you have created a space for people just like you and just like me that could need somewhere to feel less alone, less scared, hopefully even safe. That place was built not only by your hard work and dedication but because you were brave enough to take that leap of faith with me, even when you felt like all you could see in front of you was darkness.

This is & The Sun Will Rise;

Foreword written by Kelly-Hope Murphy
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