Fitness Apps: 6 Must-Have Apps for Fitness

top 6 must have fitness apps to help with weight loss

Fitness Apps: Who knew they could play such a big part in our Fitness and Weight-loss journey? I am a huge fan of fitness apps, they help me stay on track and hit my goals and can be great motivators too! The best fitness apps I use religiously and would highly recommend so I thought I would share them with you all! Please note, I am a Apple user, so these are iphone fitness apps, however android versions may be available. These are definitely the best fitness apps for iphone!

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Palmyfitness pal calorie counter and diet tracker - fitness apps  – Free

This app is key for tracking my diet and calories! I set it up with all my macro information and I can add my food in everyday to help plan my calories and macros! I find this app to be brilliant to keep an eye on my protein goals for the day, and it’s so easy to use! The one thing I would add is do not let it work out a calorie goal for you! I have seen it underestimate so many times so please enter your own after researching! Other than that I highly recommend it, it syncs with everything and so easy to scan barcodes and add in food!

fitbit fitness apps

Fitbit  – Free

This app only would be beneficial if you have a Fitbit product, so apologies if you don’t but I use this app every single day! It has a really great and easy to use interface, and you can see your steps, sleep, calories burned, miles walked, stair climbed, heart rate and workouts (and lots more) all in one place! It syncs with MFP too and I have the Fitbit scales too so all my weigh-ins go straight to my phone so its all in one handy place!

BodySpace – Social Fitness Appbodyspace fitness apps  – Free

From the amazing this is a must have for weight workouts! Its a social fitness app, but its great for tracking your workouts, and has amazing programs you can choose from! I use this to track every workout, it stores your previous weights, works out the 1 rep max and the weekly emails are so motivating!! If you make up your own workouts or just want a new program, I highly recommend this app!


the pact fitness apps Pact: Earn Cash for Exercise, Healthy Living, and Eating Right – Free

Get paid for going to the gym and tracking your food?! hell yeah!! This is a great app to use as long as your consistent in your goals! I without fail go gym 5-7 a week, so I set my goal for 5 days and get paid every week if I hit my goal! Downside is if you fail to make your pact you get charged! If your already going to the gym, you literally get paid for nothing! I’ve earnt £30 from this now, always a nice treat to get some extra cash!

happy scale fitness apps Happy Scale: Simple Weight Loss Tracker with Daily Moving Average Trend Line – Free/Paid

If your a daily weigh in kinda person, this app is brilliant! Its a weight tracker, but also works out the average for you aswell! It breaks down your weight-loss goal into mini goals and tells you how far off you are! I really love the simple graph and easy to use interface! It makes daily weigh-ins a lot simpler!

iron path - fitness apps

Iron Path
– Free/Paid

If you do any weightlifting or powerlifting moves (e.g. squat/deadlift) this app is amazing! You just video yourself doing the lift, and it will draw in the path of the weight, to make sure your form is on point! Its great to see if your deadlift or squat form is all over the place and has really helped me to get my form right in this important lifts!

I hope you have enjoyed my post on the best health & fitness apps. I would love to know what top Fitness Apps you use to help you stay on track! Let me know in the comments! 

Lots of love, S x

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