Winning an Award. #NBAS18

northern blog awards 2018 award

It wasn’t that long ago that I got that notification in my inbox to say I had been shortlisted as a nominee in the 2018 Northern Blog Awards.

Even to be considered as a nominee was mind blowing to me, I often worry about if what I am doing is worth while and if it even goes noticed. Now I’m not saying I do this for fame or recognition as that isn’t the case AT ALL, I choose to write so I can hopefully help and inspire someone who is like me, and if I only inspire one person that means the world to me.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the Award ceremony and in all honestly I didn’t think for a second I would even win, so when my phone lit up announcing I had won my category I screamed! I didn’t think in my wildest dreams I would win so I want to thank every single person who voted for me. 

It’s a surreal feeling to be recognised and to have an ACTUAL AWARD to look at. It clearly has pride of place on my dresser and everytime I catch a glimpse of it I just get a sudden burst of pride and motivation to push myself more with my blog.

I want to continue writing Sian Lifts Weights and I hope to create more fitness and lifestyle content that you will love! I recently have been more open and sharing more Mental Health posts which I hope some of you can relate too! I want to share my honest and real account and journey so anyone who stumbles upon my little space on the internet can hopefully relate.

I just want to take a moment to thank all the organisers of the Northern Blog Awards and all sponsors. The goodybag was incredible and from what I could see from all the social media the event was so glamorous and well organised. It is such an incredible event to give recognition for all the incredible and talented bloggers in the industry and I am so proud and honoured to be apart of it this year.

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