4 Ways To Get Over Your Gymtimidation Fears

I might be a gym bunny these days with a not-so-subtle addiction to lifting weights, but I remember how intimidating it was joining a new gym like it was just yesterday – it feels like everyone in there knows what they are doing, which machines should be added onto their circuit, how many reps is ideal and what lifts will help them burn fat in specific areas, which sucks because you’re still trying to find a) the changing rooms and b) the water fountain. But just because you feel intimidated by the gym doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cancel your workout-plans last minute.

Gymtimidation is totally normal. It’s something we all feel at first. You’re stepping into a room where people are so pumped up and focused, teeth gritted and muscles tensed. It can feel like a pretty gnarly place for a newbie. That’s why I’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks to help you swallow that lump at the back of your through, overcome the anxieties and become one of the sweaty bunch, totally comfortable in your own skin.

1. Get To Grips With The Basic Machines The thing that trips up most people is walking into the gym, getting onto a machine that looks good and then realising you haven’t a clue how to use it while a queue forms behind you. But don’t worry, it’s a simple issue to solve. To feel comfortable, focus on learning the basics of your most-frequented machines. So decide what part of your body you want to hone, look for the machines that do that and then ask a friend-slash-friendly employee to give you a quick lesson.

2. Always Have A Plan of Attack The worst thing you can do is head to the gym without a plan of what you want to achieve because you’ll just end up wandering around aimlessly, doing five minutes on this and five minutes on that – achieving nothing – and that will make you feel embarrassed. Always have an aim before getting to the changing rooms – burn calories, work on your legs, de-stress, boost your flexibility. Knowing the aim of the game will be a big confidence booster.

3. Learn The Proper Technique
When you’re just getting to grips with the gym, you can save yourself a world of hurt (and embarrassment) by spending a few moments learning the proper technique. Trust me: nothing will be worse for your confidence than doing yourself in on your first session, waving over a PT and then having to book in for physiotherapy, setting yourself even further back before you’ve really started! So learn the correct way of doing things, whether that be how to lift free-weights, how to use the machines, the importance of stretching, warming up and down, and what your limits are

4. Remember: No One Cares About You I know that’s a pretty harsh way of putting it, but it’s true. We know it can feel like everyone is judging you, especially given they are all so good at gyming it feels like they do it for a living and you are an imposter but, I promise, they are only there to do what you’re going to do – workout and leave. So pop in your earphones, listen to that blood-pumping Playlist you found and crack on with it.