My Experience With Lip Fillers

Today’s blog post isn’t going to be a typical ‘fitness’ post that you would normally expect from me. Today I want to share something a little more personal, and something I have touched on briefly before. I have always been open about cosmetic procedures & aesthetic treatments but recently had a lot more questions so thought I would share my personal experience here.

I have never been a person that judges a person on the choices they make regarding their body. I have always been open about any treatment I have had, and will discuss procedures till the cow’s go home. The cosmetic surgery & aesthetic industry has been surrounded by taboo for so long, and if you read my post Designer Vaginas, Boob Jobs & Botox you would know many people, myself included have been ashamed to admit any enhancements.

I started having fillers at the beginning of last year. I found a clinic based in Harley Street London and headed down to have my first experience of filler. It wasn’t the best experience but I ended up coming back down a few weeks later to have another 1ml.

A few months went by and I was left feeling unhappy as I had not achieved my desired look and didn’t want to go back to the same clinic. That’s when I found Esther at Shujo Aesthetics, and after lots of research I decided to go ahead and book a consultation.

Esther is a qualified and highly skilled nurse with over 18 years experience in acute and emergency nursing with sub specialities in critical care and Accident and emergency departments. She retrained in Aesthetic medicine in 2011 and runs her nurse-led skin clinic in Milton keynes.

The difference in service was insane. Esther made me feel so welcome and from the beginning I was made to feel like a VIP. We discussed the look I wanted to go for, and she gave her professional opinion too. She explained in-depth the side effects, risks and aftercare and documented everything, even down to the batch number of the filler.

During the consultation I explained I was needle phobic and Esther was amazing. After the numbing cream had kicked in, I laid down and she gave me a stress ball to hold. She was extremely delicate (as one can be with a needle!) and it felt like she was perfecting my lips where as before it felt like it was injected here, here, here DONE. Due to my phobia I had my eyes closed the whole time but it felt like she was sculpting my lips, making sure she achieved the desired results.

I went back a few weeks later just to add a little more volume to them after she sculpted the desired shape and I can easily say I have never been happier. I honestly cannot stop looking at my lips and I am so happy with the results! It has made me so much confident and I love the look we have achieved!

I’ve received so many questions over the past few months from followers asking about my lips so I wanted to come clean and be as transparent to my readers as possible. The work that Shujo Aesthetics does is amazing and I would 100% recommend her to anyone that is in the East Midlands area looking for cosmetics treatments.

Here is the link to their website if you would like to book or read more about their services: Shujo Aesthetics