8 Disneyworld Tips You Need To Know Now


It feels like a lifetime ago that me & my bestie were heading to the airport for a holiday of a lifetime. Ever since we have been friends (15 years+) we both dreamed of heading to Disneyworld; where magic is all around & back in May we both headed off to our dream destination.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

It’s a well known fact that going to Disneyworld is not cheap, especially if you go for more than one week which is needed to even experience the parks just a little bit! Before our trip I spent hours trawling the internet, trying to research and find out everything I could that would make our stay easier & cheaper and I have rounded the ones we used the most below!

Take a Bum Bag – This was a life saver! We bought gorgeous Disney backpacks (primark, COMING THROUGHHHH) but they soon got annoying! Lucky for me I also packed a bum-bag which fitted my phone, camera, snacks & extras! It was a life saver and especially for rides as I didn’t have to worry about losing it and I didn’t have to carry it around on my shoulders all day either!

Revolut Card – Now I believe there are many of these types of cards available but I found Revolut and it worked really well for us! It’s a mobile banking app where you get a debit card, and you basically load it with money and you can use it anywhere in the world! It will either exchange your money to the current exchange rate with no fees as you use it or if you see a good exchange rate you can exchange it over and it puts it in another pot! It always uses the current currency first and you can just change it back as and when! It was a lifesaver so we didn’t have to worry about carrying cash, and all the transactions showed up on the app as soon as you spent it so was really easy to keep an eye on spending!

Fast Passes – I think everyone knows about booking your fast passes in advance but we only did it a few weeks before so missed out on fast passing some of the most popular rides! Unfortunately on the day the queue times were over two hours so we missed out on Toy Story and one of the Pandora rides which is a huge shame!

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park DIsneyworld Florida

Water Parks – I highly recommend doing the water parks early on when the weather is good! We planned our water park days at the end and on both the days it rained! We only got to visit Typhoon Lagoon (which was amazing!) and I wish we had got to visit Blizzard beach and actually have a little more chill time there!

Junk Food – Don’t overdo it as soon as you get there! If you’re anything like me, training in the gym and trying to eat really well before your holiday it’s easy to go into holiday mode and eat all the junk food but it soon becomes prison food!! We were so sick of it by day 3 that eating became a chore because we craved something healthy!

Reusable Water Bottle – This was a huge lifesaver for me! I am someone who drinks quite a lot during the day, and I saved a fortune taking a water bottle to fill up! I bought a filter one because I read that the water tasted a little funny compared to the UK. I filled this up at least 5 times a day via the Disney water fountains or at the quick service dining places! It was sometimes a little annoying if I only took a bum bag as I had to carry it in my hands but considering it’s $3-$4 dollars a drink I didn’t mind too much! If your not a huge fan of water, stocking up on the squeezy squash bottles from Tesco are amazing and easily fit in your pocket!!

Target – Visiting target and stocking up is a must!! We visited both Walmart and target and tbh loved target a lot. I saved a fortune stocking up on drinks and snacks there and they also sell Disney souvenirs if you want a gift for friends and family but don’t want to spend a fortune! In Disney I was paying $4 for a 500ml Powerade but I picked up 750ml in Target for 89cents plus tax!! I was blown away and stocked up and whacked them in the hotel fridge!

Dining – We had breakfast included in our hotel stay but we soon realised that it’s just a credit for a meal at quick dining so we swapped it so we paid for breakfast at the hotel and used our credit in the parks for lunch or dinner! It worked out a lot cheaper and we got a bigger meal!

I’m sure there are loads of other hacks and tips out there but these are the ones that I found the most useful! I absolutely loved my Disneyworld stay and I am already dreaming of the day I can go back!

Do you have any tips or hacks for staying or visiting Disneyworld?? let me know in thAe comments!