10 Foods You Must Eat To Lose Weight

10 Foods to Eat To Lose Weight

What’s the secret to losing weight? To losing body fat? To lose weight fast?

To be honest with you, I have no idea. If I knew all the secrets I definitely would have hit my target by now, or 6 months ago! I have been stuck on a weight loss plateau, trying to shift the body fat and belly fat that greets me every morning.

The thing is, the big secret is food! You can work out in the gym all the hours under the sun but you can never out train a bad diet, NEVER (trust me I’ve tried).

So now I am again trying to take my diet more seriously, trying to lose these last 20lbs that haunt me or just to get my body fat under 30% would be a great start! So I thought I would share the foods that have really helped me shift these 85lbs and what will be making up the majority of my diet. You can check out what I eat daily on myfitnesspal too! (It’s my fave app for tracking my food and macros!)

10 Foods to lose weight

  1. Eggs
  2. Leafy Greens
  3. Oily fish like Salmon
  4. Broccoli & Cauliflower
  5. Lean chicken & Beef
  6. Beans & legumes
  7. WATER!! (Make sure you are drinking enough!)
  8. Nuts like Almonds
  9. Greek Yoghurt
  10. Berries

As you can see above, most of the foods are either high in protein, or low in calories. You can read here all about the benefits of protein (it’s amazing, eat it!). Foods low in calories also mean you can really fill your plate and eat lots of it! I tend to for dinner and lunches have a protein (chicken I am looking at you!) And a huge plate of greens or beans!

The main thing to remember is weight loss is always calories in vs calories out. If you ate 3000 calories worth of eggs and nuts, you will gain weight! It’s all about having a good balance. It’s also important to try to incorporate ‘more natural’ foods into the diet, the less processed the better! But that doesn’t mean you can’t add in your favourite snacks! You can find me pretty much every day eating cookies or chocolate! It’s all about having that 80/20 balance!

What are your favourite foods to eat to lose weight? Have you come across any ‘magic’ foods that have helped shift the pounds? Let me know in the comments

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