Fighting the Christmas Blues

I think it is definitely fair to say I have neglected my blog recently. To be honest with you I have neglected a lot of things lately; myself being the main thing. The problem with me is that when this happens, I get into a vicious cycle. I stop working out, I binge & eat way more junk, I stop drinking water. I basically just go to work, come home and then sleep.

I feel like ever since my birthday I have been on a downer that I haven’t been able to snap out out off, and now Christmas is on its way I tend to get the Xmas Blues (I’m hoping I’m not the only one). To me Christmas comes with way to many expectations on being happy. I feel like I should be so happy on the day, and when I find myself not happy I feel guilty and my mental health gets worse. I start questioning what’s wrong with me, and beating myself up.  This is one of the few reasons I find this time of year hard, and I definitely notice that as October ends, my self-care and priorities slip.

This year I really want to lessen the ‘Christmas Blues’ so I am trying to prioritise myself more this winter. That means getting back into a gym routine, drinking my water and being aware of what I am using to fuel my body.

Since finding weightlifting I have always had amazing results (85lbs gone!) eating a higher protein diet. Protein is incredible and our body uses it for so many things (check out my what is protein post) however I do not have the budget to get all my protein from meat so I have always used protein shakes.

When Vitl got in touch last month and asked if I would like to review their Vegan Protein Powder I jumped at the chance. I often dream of going Vegan, but right now its just not something I can do but I try to incorporate as many vegetarian & vegan meals and snacks into my day as much as I can (Oreos count, don’t @ me!) just to try and make a small difference.

Now I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about Vegan Protein powders in general, people often say they find them difficult to mix, and the taste can hugely vary but they are perfect for when you need to add a little extra protein in your diet.

Lean plant-based protein powders, enriched with vitamins and minerals – perfect post workout or for a daily energy boost

Vitl Vegan Protein powder comes in 2 flavours; Chocolate & Vanilla.

Chocolate:  Packed with natural nourishment, this delicious chocolate-flavoured protein powder provides a whopping 17g of protein per serving.

Macros: 25g Serving: Kcals (124) Carbs (5g) Fat (4g) Protein (17g)

Vanilla: Synthetic colours and flavours have no place in your protein powder. That’s why this clean, lean protein powder uses natural vanilla extracts for a truly scrumptious shake.

Macros: 25g Serving: Kcals (124) Carbs (5g) Fat (4g) Protein (17g)

1 Sachet – £1.95

12 Sachets – £19.95

500g Pouch – £29.95

Now I tested this out in my shakes for the last few weeks and I can say they are super tasty! I normally mix my protein shakes with almond milk and this vegan shakes mixed really well. I also noticed a difference in my tummy too, as I find whey makes me a little bloated.. so using a vegan protein source made a huge difference!

Have you tried any Vitl products before? Let me know in the comments and if you have any suggestions for protein powders.. vegan or whey!
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