5 Tips To Beat Food Cravings

There is nothing worse than when you start a new food regime than when the cravings start coming.

Speaking from my experiences during my weight-loss journey, cravings were one of the biggest challenges I faced, alongside the late night junk food binges. After losing over 7 stone, I have finally learnt what works for my cravings, and have succeeded in hitting many of my weight-loss goals since.

  1. Planning is key
    I have found that planning when my meals are and what I am going to eat massively decreased my cravings. Knowing I had dinners ready for when I got home meant that I didn’t just go mindlessly to the fridge, rooting around for whatever seemed like a tasty idea and having set times to eat meant that I wasn’t getting hungry in between and eyeing up the office biscuits.
  2. Keep a food diary
    When I started tracking all my intake on My Fitness Pal, I started to question more and more if the foods I craved were worth it. Having to physically track a food into my diary when I knew I had already had my macros for the day made me think if I really wanted that family pack of Oreos or not. Having to be accountable for the food I ate really changed my outlook but also pre-adding my food into the diary gave me leeway and meant if I did really want a treat or family pack of biscuits that I could tweak the rest of my food to make it fit in. Using IIFYM as my diet has really given me the freedom to have flexible food choices which for me has been a lot more sustainable.
  3. Get enough Sleep
    Weirdly sleep helps with a lot of things, cravings included. Not getting enough sleep not only makes us super tired, but during the day it increases the appetite which means we are more likely to have junk cravings.
  4. Find healthy Alternatives
    Making healthier alternatives to your favourite snacks is a great way to still ‘have your cake and eat it’. Recipes like protein donuts, flourless mini muffins and brownies are lower in calories and also normally higher in protein and fibre which help keep you fuller for longer. Pinterest is a great place to search for these healthy recipes!
  5. Make it hard
    Knowing what you crave and deliberately making it hard to get to is another great tip. I know for me chocolate is a huge craving so not having lots of it in the house meant that if I did crave it, I couldn’t just go help myself. Making it hard to get the food you crave increases the effort required to get it which mostly outweighs the cravings.

I really hope these tips help you with your cravings, sometimes its the little things that can really add up and help, especially for me having healthier snacks on standby which means I can tuck in!

What tips have worked well for you and your cravings? Let me know in the comments below!