20 Non Scale Victories Better Than Weight Loss

Weight loss is so freaking hard. It’s definitely not the piece of cake you get told it is, especially by the media (lose 10lbs in 1 week *bullshit*) and staying motivated for the long haul can be especially difficult if you are just going by the number of the scale. It’s also so easy to be wrapped up in the numbers game, and beat yourself up when you don’t see the scale move in the way you want it too.

That is why Non-scale victories are so important! They are a great way to see results that are anything but number related and can be more motivating and inspiring too.

I have lost 85lbs so far since 2015 and with that came some victories that I hadn’t considered as a beginner. It can be frustrating to not see numbers moving in the direction you want them to so here are some other things to look forward to when engaging in proper hydration, healthy eating, exercise, and fat loss.

  1. Bath towels actually fitting around your body after you shower 
  2. Clearer, brighter skin 
  3. Easier Waking up
  4. Taking less time in the shower because it’s easier to shave without that extra fat in the way and there is less of you to wash. 
  5. Bending over to paint your toenails and finding that it’s easier to reach 
  6. Craving less of the junk you used to eat and feeling fuller faster when you eat healthier choices 
  7. No more chafing in the summer 
  8. Improved mood
  9. More comfortable to cross your legs
  10. Improved overall health & blood pressure
  11. Not being out of breath when climbing stairs or walking briskly. Especially in front of others which can cause embarrassment to some 
  12. Increased confidence. When you’re doing your best and nurturing your body, you feel better about yourself 
  13. Increased energy. Laziness breeds more laziness. Once you’re used to being active, it’ll feel weird when you’re not on the move 
  14. Clothes fit better and feel more comfortable 
  15. Beating personal records whether it means lifting more weight or shaving a minute off your mile 
  16. Sleeping better at night 
  17. Inspiring others and knowing how to help them if they’re interested in getting healthier 
  18. Buying cute clothes you may not have been comfortable wearing before (especially the bra selection!!) 
  19. Knowing you’re helping your body be the best it can be and adding time to your life 
  20. Looking in the mirror and loving what you see (thats my fav!)

The scale is NOT the only way to track your progress and there are plenty of other things to get excited about throughout your health and fitness journey.

What are your favourite Non-Scale Victories? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love, S x

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