I have made an executive decision; I am restarting 2019 from NOW.

Recently I have been so off track, and yesterday I weighed in at my highest weight in a very loooong time and it knocked me a bit. Now I know I have been eating like a lot of junk, this weekend alone after heading to Alton Towers & Cotsworld Zoo; I ate way to much, indulging on all the treats and fast food I try to avoid.

The thing is, when I eat rubbish it leaves me feeling like shit rubbish. I feel more tired, I don’t sleep very well and I end up craving more junk food.

Plan of action

So that’s it, time to sort my regime out for good. I have decided to also check in with video too so you might be seeing more chatty updates on my youtube channel.

Here is the thing with fitness and weightloss, its a constant battle of being consistent and disciplined. It is SO easy to get side tracked with food and social things, and fitness and health often slip through the net.

I want to hit my goals this year, I am determined.

April Measurements

Left Bicep: 12.5″
Right Bicep: 12″
Chest: 26″
Waist: 29.5″
Hips: 41.5″
Left Leg: 25.5″
Right Leg: 25″

This past week has been pretty good with my workouts and food. The scale has been moving pretty slowly in the right direction which is great and as long as I continue to stay focused then it should be the start that I need to hit my goals.

I want to try to add HIIT to the end of my workouts at least twice a week going forward, this being in the form of sprints or the assault bike (worse than the devil himself)

Yesterday I headed to London for a really exciting shoot with TLC Sport and I can’t wait to show you guys more from behind the scenes!

So next week I want to hit 4 x workouts in the gym and hit my calories everyday and try to focus more on hitting my protein as I have realised that it’s been a bit neglected.

What are your goals for this week? Have you got any holidays booked?

Lots of love, S x

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