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With the fitness & health industry being saturated with false claims and ‘magic’ aka gimmicky products, it can be hard to workout what products are worth purchasing and which ones just need to climb straight in the bin. I get inundated with messages asking about these types of products, especially weight loss related products, or ones that help with loose skin and I often find myself googling to see if products will help the scale move or improve my stretch marks or cellulite.

I was kindly sent out Science of Skins Solution for Scars & Solutions for Stretch Marks to test out. I wanted to put the Solution for Scars to the test on my surgical scars and well, I have enough stretch marks to try out the Solution for Stretch marks!

Get rid of stretchmarks with Science of Skin Solutions for Stretchmarks

Solution for Stretch Marks

The formulation works by combining active green tea extracts, highly moisturising natural ingredients and vitamins C and E. This clever combination works together to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and to soothe symptoms such as uncomfortable, sore, irritable-feeling skin.
Currently retailing at £39.99 for 100mlSolution for Scars

The cult scar treatment cream combines the most effective ingredients from science and nature, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars, reduce discomfort, soothe irritable scars and lessen redness. Solution for Scars’ powerful formula contains a naturally active green tea extract that is scientifically proven to shrink some scars by 40%. Paraben and fragrance free.
Currently retailing at £18.99 for 30ml

Weight gain stretch marks before using science of skin stretch mark solutionI have had stretch marks around my stomach/hip area ever since I gained weight back in my teenage years and they have similar to red angry tiger stripes. To me they are extremely noticeable and obvious and one of the things that I am not confident with.

I was very impressed when using the Stretch Mark solution for the first time as it is a thick creamy consistency and felt very luxurious on the skin. My skin felt really smooth and silky after using it so I can’t wait to see the results after continuously using the cream.

Solutions for Stretch Marks is to be used on weight gain stretch marks, growth spurt stretch marks & for pregnancy.