Dream Body Challenge #2

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Well Hello & Happy Monday!

Welcome back to the second installment of the #DreamBodyChallenge Series. If you haven’t read the first post, I highly recommend you having a quick read first (you can find the post here) just to get an idea of what the #DreamBodyChallenge is (Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for anything.. Unless you fancy just sending your girl some dollaaaar)

As a recap, it’s just a hashtag and series, a space where I can keep myself accountable and document all the stats, workouts, meals and anything else I fancy that line up with my current weight-loss goals.


So I don’t know about you but hasn’t January felt like the longest month everrrr? I have tried my best to stay on plan, but with a week written off due to being unwell and then having a huge flare up it’s been.. A little difficult to say the least.

Also let’s not forget the good times, I headed to a gorgeous Spa in London with the infamous Miss Amanda Bootes (if you don’t know, you really should! FInd her here!) We also got to enjoy a delightful dinner at the french restaurant [insert name here] where of course.. I ate the whole bread basket (perks of a gluten free bestie).

That same week I also did a unexpected mad dash down to kent to see the same friend who was very unwell, and of course what’s a road trip without eating absolute rubbish on the way there and back?!

So yeah, as you can tell its not been 100% on plan but everyday I have tried to get back up and start again.

If you also didn’t know, I launched my Youtube channel this month, and have put up a fun workout with the FIIT Cube but also a Boob Job Q&A! Make sure you check those both out!

What I Am Loving

Food: So this last month I have been really trying to do some different meals when meal prepping my food, and I came across a recipe that is just divine! I literally just put it all together trying to use up some coconut milk that I had left from making brownies and wow, everyone has sang its praises. Coconut Curry, not only did it smell like a dream, it tasted amazing and the macros were on point. I may have eaten this about 8 or 9 times this month because it is that good!

Song: I’ve been waiting – Lil Peep ft Falloutboy & ILoveMakonnen

Gym Outfit: I got some gorgeous pink leggings from Queenie K at Christmas time and I absolutely love wearing them. I have been channelling my inner barbie/elle woods and trying to step outside of my comfort zone and wear more colours this year so these are perfect. You can find them here for £16.99

Exercise: I have really been loving the Sumo Deadlift recently. I haven’t had a deadlift variation in for a while and it’s been really fun working on my form and getting the lift right.

Body Statistics – 1st February 2019

Sian in her sports bra and underwear comparing her before photo in january & february

Weight: 179.4lbs

Body-fat: 35.6%

BMI: 27.3

Left Bicep: 13″

Right Bicep: 12.5″

Chest: 38.5″

Waist: 31.5″

Hips: 43″

Left Thigh: 26.5″

Right Thigh: 27″

I hope going in to february I will be more motivated with my macros and food as that’s the only part I really struggle with. Hopefully I can stay more accountable this month!

What are you doing this month to help you acheive your goals? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love, S x

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