Work Out Without Burning Out: Stay Healthy As You Exercise

If you are new to the fitness bandwagon or you simply have been lazy for the past few months, getting back into the swing of things can be a little difficult to say the least. Motivation tends to be the hardest obstacle to overcome when looking to get up and go, but once you do find the inspiration to start, you need to make sure you can carry on safely.

So many of us jump right in from nothing to five days a week of hard exercise and this is a one way ticket to the hospital. If you push your body too far you will be out of action for weeks and you’ll end up back at square one. To avoid having to find your motivation and get started all over again, here are some ways to keep safe and healthy as you workout

  1. Coconut water

 We all know by now that water is the single most important thing to consume when we want to be healthy. Water hydrates our cells and it can prevent muscles from cramping up as we exercise. It is advisable to drink a litre of water 30 minutes before exercising to make sure that the body is sufficiently prepared for the pressure you will exert. Coconut water in particular is great because it provides hydration as well as replacing any electrolytes the body loses through sweating.

  1. Eat a banana

 Remember that the body cannot function on no fuel. You may have heard of people talking about fastest workouts, but in truth you should never workout without something in your stomach. Your body needs to draw its energy from sugar, and if you do not have anything in your stomach, the first target will be your muscle cells. Bananas in particular are full of potassium, and potassium is essential for the body as it provides energy and limits the secretion of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid can be harmful because it is what makes your muscles ache.

  1. Stretch during your workout

 We all know about stretching before a workout to get the blood flowing, and stretching afterwards to release tension…but during? Yepp. Stretching during your workout prevents your muscles from cramping up and will also oxygenate each of your cells for better performance. The next time you workout, try to incorporate some yoga moves into it to stretch out your body.

  1. Use a foam roller

 A foam roller might seem like another gimmick which fitness companies use to get money out of you, but it is actually crucial for your body health. A foam roller is used after a workout to relieve knots in your tissue and massage your muscles. It is effective in increasing circulation to the area and promoting healing. Foam rolling also feels very good and it can act like a relaxing massage after a difficult workout.

  1. Take a soak

Remember to take a relaxing bath after you complete a particularly intense workout. If you take a bath once a week with Epsom salts you will see a huge difference in the health of your muscles and subsequently your performance. The warmth will relax your body and the Epsom salts can work to relieve cramp caused by lactic acid in your muscles.

  1. Know when to stop

The most important thing you can do when exercising is know when you need to call it a day. The last thing you want is to be constantly enrolled for a Simple Online Pharmacy for painkillers to soothe your injuries. Know when it is time to stop working out, relax and let your body recover for the next time you workout. Don’t work out every single day because this can cause your muscles to tear and can in turn leave you with serious injuries.