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The bottom line of losing weight is that it is really bloody hard. We often wish for simple and easy ways to get around it but the healthiest and most sustainable way is by hard work, determination and more hard work.

As you will know if you are a follower of SianLiftsWeights I personally have been on a weight loss journey for the last 2 years and definitely would not have been able to do it and be where I am now without prepping and planning.

Power Planners was set up with the idea to provide planners to help with both weight-loss and exercise goals.

It is well known that preparation and planning is key to progression and although I love using apps on my phone, nothing beats writing down your goals and staying accountable with pen to paper, especially using a gorgeous sleek planner purposefully made for your own goals. You can add diary card infills, your to do lists, exercise infills, whatever you want to make it personal to you. I cant wait to add my before picture and see where I am in 8 weeks! ⠀

For a lot of people using pen and paper is way more beneficial than using an app. Writing down your own goals down on paper is also more likely to help you achieve them too! You can easily flick back through the week to see what went well and what didn’t go so well. You can write weekly reflections and set goals that aren’t all about a target weight-loss, THINK about those non scale victories to because they mean a lot more than a number on the scale.

I love the fact you can colour in the Weightloss Jar too and also keep track of your food intake with the daily food diary. Its so perfect for me as it even includes macro breakdowns so I can stay on track!

What do you think to Weightloss Planners? Would a Power Planner help you achieve your goals?

Power Planners are available here

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