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Surgery Diaries: Post Surgery

I woke up to a super smiley Nana (my coordinator) in my hospital room and she explained the surgery had gone well. I felt really tired and woozy after waking and I remember the first time I was able to check my phone it was 5pm! My surgery was 8am so I must have been out for a looooong time.

Could I run a marathon? NOOOO. Could I even move? Not really lol!! I don’t really remember much the day of surgery. I nearly fainted twice trying to get out of bed to take a little walk and did not actually manage one till Midnight. I also had a catheter in which I didn’t realize and I remember asking the nurse how it worked and would it be automatic LOL I am pretty sure she thought I was nuts…

So outfit wise I was in a full body compression suit with a nice little bum flap, and I had 4 drains and my catheter as my designer accessories 😉. I dread to think how they got my body into the suit considering how tight it was!

That night was the worst nights sleep I ever had. The pain from my back was more uncomfortable than any pain of my surgery, due to the nature of my surgery I had to have a pillow under my back to take the pressure of my bum, and I swear, the muscular pain was excruciating. I literally saw every second of the night and was crying for pain meds and to get some sleep.

I was so happy when morning came round and I got to nibble on some toast. My appetite was gone and I was dreading having my catheter removed before I left to go back to the Villa for the rest of my stay. I can confirm it is not a very nice feeling.. having a tube pulled out from your bladder!!

Nana was an absolute angel during my stay at the hospital, she helped me with everything and nothing was too much for her. I finally managed a few more steps round the hospital before I got to go home, and had to do the awful first pee post catheter before they let me leave!

I was pretty drugged up so wasn’t feeling too crazy when I got to leave, I was just super tired and feeling a bit battered (very normal!).

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