Squat Magic: Giveaway + Final Thoughts

*this giveaway is now closed*

I finally did it! I completed the Squat Magic 30 day Squat challenge! Just the fact I have actually completed 5000 squats in 30 days is a pretty amazing accomplishment for me tbh. Hitting your goals and targets always makes you feel like your on a high which is great!

So if you haven’t read my previous posts on the Squat Magic, you can read the start of the challenge here and then my half way check in here.

Squat Magic is the revolutionary new strength and toning machine that helps you squat with ease. Utilising the calorie-burning and booty-sculpting power of the squat, its patent-pending Squat Assistive Technology (S.A.T) guides you on the way down and gently assists you on the way up, helping you perform a textbook squat every time. All with virtually no strain on your knees! In fact, a Squat Magic squat puts up to 30kg less strain on your joints but still gives you all the amazing benefits!

I actually mentioned this lovely contraption to my physiotherapist recently, and with all my ailments and injuries she actually thought it was a grand idea. I don’t tend to talk about my injuries much but thanks to my body being rubbish, my muscles don’t work the way they should do and I’m in constant pain (boo!). I was getting around squats at the gym by just going with a wider stance, but she actually told me I was just cheating and it was having no benefit and I wasn’t going to improve. She told me modified and assisted squats in the correct position was so much better for me, and squatting with the Squat Magic was really beneficial, especially as I wasn’t getting knee pain using it either!

As I mentioned in a previous post, it is compact so doesn’t take up a lot of space and I even managed to take it to a seaside holiday so I could still take part in the challenge (dedication right there!).

I think it’s a really great way to start getting into squats, especially if you work out at home! I love the fact you can also amend the resistance too, and there is 15+ squat variations you can try! Now I have completed the challenge I would love to build up to be able to do pistol squats and I think the Squat Magic would be brilliant for that!

So at the start of the challenge, I took a before picture in the hopes I would be able to share a good after one! I am really nervous to share these photos, as I mentioned before my bum is my biggest problem area and the area I am most self conscious about.

Squat magic before and after 30 day test results

So there’s my results from the 30 day Squat Magic Challenge and to celebrate me doing 5000 squats (!!) High Street TV are kindly giving one away to one of my amazing readers! All you need to do is follow the instructions below and you could be winning your own Squat Magic and getting the booty of dreams!

You can purchase the Squat Magic here. It is currently available for £69.99

*This post is sponsored by High Street TV. However all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Lots of love, S x

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