Designer Vaginas, Boobs Jobs & Botox

Plastic Surgery - boob jobs, designer vaginas and lip fillers - does having these define your self worth

Does Plastic Surgery devalue your self worth?

Plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. Why is there still a huge stigma attached to these types of treatments and why does the value of a person go down when they have these types of procedures done?

2017 has seen a huge rise in the cosmetic and aesthetics industry, with treatments being extremely popular nowadays thanks to social media and celebrities and most people if they haven’t had any they definitely know someone who has.

It could be a case of having a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, nose job or even just a 1ml of filler or botox but in a society where we are told we have to be beautiful, we also seem to lose value when we admit to these types of treatments.

I am fucked basically. My value decreased a long time ago based on the above, having a breast augmentation in 2013, and then since having lip fillers the past year. In the future, I plan on having a second BA and depending on how my body turns out after my weight loss I may even have a tummy tuck or body lift. Due to the stigma I am open about my procedures and always will be. I don’t believe I am to judge anyone on what they want to have done, and definitely don’t believe anyones value decreases because they had implants or chose to have a few wrinkles ironed out.

Other people have different reactions though, I have been told ‘Silly girl, why do you want to ruin yourself like that’ just because they didn’t agree with it, or even being told I was stupid and I was fine the way I was. Like thanks Aunty Sue thats all great, but I am the one who has to look at these boobies all day long and if I want them better I will.

Long live the horror stories

It seems as well that everyone loves a good horror story and the very few cases that do happen seem to go viral. I remember when I first said I wanted lip fillers and literally everyone said I was going to either look like a fish or like Pete burns. People just assume that all surgery is bad surgery and that the rare and drastic cases we do see go wrong are the norm. There will always be side effects and risks to any treatment but in most cases the chances are so small, people shouldn’t be scare-mongered to not go ahead with something they want to do just because the other person doesn’t agree with it.

The fact as well is that there is so many reasons for people having these types of treatments, yet all of us get judged negatively. It doesn’t always have to be down to insecurities, it could be for medical reasons, or it could even be a way of expressing yourself (remember the bloke who was a crocodile?!). At the end of the day its nobodies business.

Can you be Body Positive?

Another point comes to mind too regarding Body Positivity. Can you be body positive and still want to change how you look? Even if it might not seem like a body positive act, plastic surgery has the potential to help people feel more positive about themselves. I openly admit having a breast augmentation was the best thing I have ever done for myself, boosting my confidence and making me feel happier about myself, even when I was tipping the scales at 19 stone.

plastic surgery - self worth

With cosmetic surgery on the rise, why is it still such a taboo subject and perceived in such a negative light? Why is it the first thoughts we have are horror stories or images of Barbie in our mind, but more importantly why do we care what others do to their own bodies?

I really believe that if people want to alter their body in any way, shape or form including surgery, tattoos, piercings or whatever modification they choose to have, then let them. I am not going to judge someone because they wanted to fall in love with them self a little more or express themselves.

We need to stop the body policing and body shaming, and maybe use the motto ‘You do you boo’ a little more. I can assure you Grandma that my boob job will not affect you in any way, so let me liiiiiive.

If you don’t like Plastic Surgery, don’t get it. Just don’t judge those who do.
What are your thoughts on Plastic Surgery, Do you think less of people who alter their appearance?

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