Boobs: Having a Breast Augmentation Abroad

Boobs. Knockers. Breasts. Jugs. Puppies. Titties. The Twins. Call them what you will but I am here to talk about them, well more specifically my own.


 I have had this post sitting in my drafts for so so long, I am literally talking YEARS. I guess its kinda hard to write a more personal post when its not something you really talk about it online. In real life it is common knowledge in my circle (very small circle) of friends and family but I kind of just want to share my journey, history and what’s happening next!

So let’s all talk boob jobs! It’s not something that is completely taboo anymore, with more and more young people going under the knife nowadays, including myself. GASP. WHAT. OMG. Yes, My name is Sian and I had a boob job when I was 21. AND!! to add to the story, I went to europe and had the twins done in Prague. MORE GASPS. I know right, shocking.

Why?! For as long as I can remember, I never liked my boobs. I never took my bra off EVER, I was always embarrassed by them. I think back to when I was 18/19 and I think I was a 36B/C but I think this was mostly down to the weight I was gaining.

Since the age of 11/12 I was always a bigger child and ballooned as I hit puberty and so on until I reached my biggest weight of 261lbs (that’s another story, read about that here) so thats probably why I managed to call myself a B/C Cup, realistically I had no boobs unless I was in one of them super push up bras from Primark, (WE ALL KNOW THE ONE!) but I never really thought I would ever go through and have surgery to change them (Big needle-phobic here!). I remember being being 17 and saying all the time I would have one but never did anything about it. It was only when I reached 20 I hit a turning point and made the decision to get them done.

So why Prague?! Okay so, I have a family member who had them done in Harley Street in the UK and they weren’t really that happy with them. I mean like they liked them, but they always said  they weren’t happy with the overall process. (Turns out they had PIP implants too, 10 years later they were leaking! :o)

That person then went to Prague and had a tummy tuck as per recommendation from a client. They came back singing and dancing all the praises under the sun. The care was incredible, hospital was pristine and the price was unbelievable. The price difference is disgusting (in a good way!) between there and here in the UK, so no wonder so many opt to go abroad, myself included. After speaking to the clinic and doing lots of research, I went ahead and booked my surgery.

I actually booked it 3 weeks before I went as I wanted it done as soon as possible so 3 weeks later off me and my mother went to Prague together and it honestly did not hit me until I was being taken down for surgery.

So a fancy driver picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel the day we arrived and then we had a little wander around the sights of Prague. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink from midnight so we had an early night and the driver picked us up from our hotel at 6am and we headed to the clinic. I had my consultation with the surgeon and they instantly put me at ease, saying how they could improve and correct my breasts as they weren’t ‘fully formed’ (I didn’t have an underboob at all!) and I mentioned the size I wanted and she actually disagreed and we came to a conclusion of 400 & 450cc’s.

After the consultation I had all my blood tests done and waited whilst they got the results and then I was led to my room and my mum left. All I can say is the staff were AMAZING. LIKE LEGIT INCREDIBLE. Even with a language barrier I have never felt more cared for in a hospital like I have there. They were all amazing and I am so pleased I went had my surgery there. I stayed one night in the clinic and then was sent back to my hotel the next day and then had to go back to the clinic for my final check up before our flights.

Fast forward the healing and recovery and when they finally settled I was SO HAPPY. They were amazing, I got so many compliments on my boobs, and often got told they looked so real. They felt real and I was super pleased with them! Fast forward again to losing 7 stone.. (I actually had my boobs done at my biggest weight!) and they just aren’t the same.

To summarise I have just lost all of what I had of my own boobs, and they have just gone.. deflated?! Everyone thinks I am crazy because they still look good in other people’s opinions but I am just not happy. The only thing I could have said about my original surgery is I wish I had gone bigger, and I know a lot of women suffer this! Once they go down and have settled, many women wish they had a little larger and I was definitely one of them.

PRESENT DAY: The countdown to my second breast augmentation is on!!! Not going to lie I am super super excited. I have finally booked it and I am flying out to Prague again on May 1st to have my second surgery 4 years on. It will be with the same clinic and depending on my consultation,

I will be having a breast augmentation with a lift. I will be having bigger cc’s put in and the current plan is to have an uplift as well. The only difference this time is I will be flying out solo (scary!) but I honestly can not wait. It is something that I have wanted for so long and I told myself once I reached my weight-loss goal I would book it, and here we are!

*Update: So my second breast augmentation never went ahead. I flew out to Prague and had my consultation on May 2nd. The surgeon actually told me I had ‘beautiful breasts’ and that I wouldn’t get the results I wanted as they would drop back down in 6 months. He then told me that they were pretty much perfect and going ahead with the surgery and risking all the side effects would be a huge risk, so I sadly made the decision to come back and not have the surgery for now. He told me that it would be ideal to have them done when they drop even more, or if something went wrong e.g. if they ever ruptured, but after explaining my thoughts, he then said in a couple of years would be better. I came home crying my eyes as it was something I had been so excited about, but I am so over the moon with the honesty of the Surgeon, and the fact he could of just took my money (like some clinics in the UK who told me I really needed the surgery!) and I think that just makes my opinion of the clinic and surgeon so much higher. So even after I came home upset, and was heartbroken over not having the surgery for now, I still highly recommend them and I can’t wait to count down the days for when I rebook my surgery in a few years. For now I guess I will just have to learn my self a little bit more and enjoy what I currently have!
To end the post, getting my boobs done the first time was the best thing I ever did, hands on my heart.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, or tweet me/email me! I am always happy to answer questions and give out the details of the clinic I went too!

Lots of love, S x

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