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Hello everyone & welcome back to SIANLIFTSWEIGHTS. I am so excited to do a different type of post today and hopefully you will enjoy today’s ramblings for April 1st, as it’s a new month I wanted to set some new intentions and make this month super awesome.

I have decided to share this in the hopes that 1) it may inspire you to set some intentions too 2) motivate me more to fulfil my intentions this month if i publicly announce I have set them.

April intentions

  • Nourish my relationships – It seems lately there has been a lot of sad news in the media about people taking their own lives and suffering with mental health issues. Often the people suffering will not reach out when they need it most so this month I want to check in more with friends, see how they REALLY are. I want to write real letters to the people I love and make more calls and less texts.
  • Put in the work – As you *may* know I recently started my youtube channel, and this year I really want to work harder and build on what I have already created. I am so lucky to have such talented creatives around me so I NEED to actually put in the work myself to reach my goals. I want to stick to my post schedule this month and post at least 4 blogs (this one included) & 4 videos!
  • Be more money conscious – this year I want to travel more and go on more holidays so I need to curb the pointless and random spending, and stick to a more rigid budget. Sadly that does mean no more £30 shops at tesco before work when I really just want *1* thing and I also want to keep a track of all the days I actually don’t spend a single penny.
  • Spend more time with my head in books (instead of the clouds) – I have always loved reading and having my head in a book  but for the last year I just haven’t been able to bring myself to dedicate time to reading, but I have been buying books like they are about to go out of fashion. I want to dedicate more time this month to reading paper and getting lost in the beauty of literature (or that gripping thriller I bought for 99p about a year ago)
  • Build my confidence having difficult conversations – I am finding myself getting more and more worked up about having to tackle difficult conversations lately and no matter what I read or learn I know that it will only improve by actually having them. This month I want to focus on tackling these head on and building my confidence not only having them but in myself too, and believe I am worthy and competent. (Note to self: be a BAD bitch)

I don’t want these to be rigid goals as that’s often when my fear of failing kicks in, but more so gentle intentions that I can focus on during the month. I do love having goals and things to works towards (who doesn’t? It helps keeps focus!) so I am excited to work on all the above this month!

Do you have any intentions or goals this month? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below!

Have a fabulous start to the week angels!

Lots of love, S x

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