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Hello and welcome to SIAN LIFTS WEIGHTS. 

My name is Sian (hi!) and I am a former overweight party animal turned weightlifting obsessed princess. After losing 85lbs I decided to train as a Personal Trainer so I could inspire and help others.

Since my story went viral in 2017 I have featured in numerous UK Publications and on the web, I rebranded my blog to SIAN LIFTS WEIGHTS where I now write about my new found passion for fitness. I discuss (and ramble a lot) topics from the latest fitness gadgets and protein bars, to stylish gym clothes and my of course my weight-loss and body confidence struggles & mental health. 

So grab a cup of tea and have a nosy, hopefully I will make you laugh, a little motivated or worst case cry, but either way thank you for stumbling on to my little corner of the web!

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