#SquatMagic Update: Halfway to 5k

squat magic - high street tv squat magic booty challengeLadies & Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.. Let me tell you. My ass is sore. I like to consider myself quite fit, I mean; I am a lot fitter than I use to be, 85lbs ago but oh boy, has my ass been kicked and I’m only half way.

If you follow me on all the social medias, you probably know I have been taking part in the Squat Magic 30 day Booty Challenge.  The Squat Magic Booty Challenge consists of doing 5000 squats over 30 days, INSANE right?! Well I just completed day 15 and my bum does not know what has hit it!

I have not squatted for around a year until this challenge and me being the give-it-a-go gal that I am thought that this challenge would be a piece of cake, a walk in the park, a doddle if you may. I thought ‘Hey, this should be easy, like those Pinterest 30 day squat challenges right?!’ Wrong. So so wrong.

Not going to lie, I didn’t think I would feel much going down in the junk of my trunk. I thought the machine would do a lot of the work for me, and that I wouldn’t feel much really going on but my goodness, my muscles are killing me. My booty is always sore. Think its bad when you get DOMS the day after the gym and then the next day they ease off? Try having permanent DOMS. The only thing getting me through is knowing my muscles are actually working! I feel the muscles deep inside my bum working, and thats rare, even when I overload my ass with a bazillion glute activation exercises it has never felt like this.


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So rambling aside, I am halfway. The end is near, and I feel great knowing that I have stuck at a challenge so well. The Squat Magic is so compact and easy to use I actually took it away with my on holiday to Clacton last week, and if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my angel of a mother trying it out, and saying how easy it was to use! (Note, she wasn’t happy the morning after when her bum was on fire and she couldn’t sit down and have a wee!).

So after testing it out for over 15 days now, I can confirm that I have squatted without knee pain, which is a huge thing for me. I actually got to a point of being scared of squatting at the gym, even with knee sleeves because I was so scared of inflicting pain on myself. What I have noticed is that I do sumo squat, it feels like a better position for my body, and I can really focus on pushing my knees out during squats which is great. I know a lot of lifters have trouble with their knees caving in during squats so I am hoping this will build up some strength in that area.

On day 1 I took some before shots that I am hoping to share at the end of this challenge. I am really hoping to see a difference in my bum, especially as its such a problem area for me so I shall keep you posted! I can’t wait to reach day 30 of the challenge and actually be able to say this month I did 5000 squats. I actually spread out the daily squats into smaller sections so I can make it more manageable, trying to do 210 squats in one IS NOT fun, so I do 50, have a little rest, do 50 more ect.. If anyone can do 200 in one go, you are GOALS.

What are your thoughts on the Squat Magic? Would it be something you would look at getting for yourself at home? Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

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