Squat Magic Booty Challenge

So I actually saw this product being shared in a few fitness groups that I am apart of on facebook and actually #UnpopularOpinion – I was intrigued.

For someone that hasn’t squatted in months, nearly a year due to having a knee injury, this product excited me. First glances I thought this could help me with my mobility and squat issues! Watching the video it looked like the user was able to fully ‘box squat’ where they squat as if they were sitting back on a chair. Now I have a huge problem with this, as I can’t get the depth or have the mobility to do this in the squat rack and this is pretty much a beginner move if you want to build strength with your Squats.

So you can actually imagine my delight when High Street TV got in touch and asked if I wanted to try it out and take part in the 30 day challenge they were running in July! I was SUPER excited. Squats are something I have missed in my program for so long now, and my bum is my biggest problem area so I am hoping to see some great results taking part in the Squat Magic challenge!

So what do they say about Squat Magic?

Squat Magic is the revolutionary new strength and toning machine that helps you squat with ease. Utilising the calorie-burning and booty-sculpting power of the squat, its patent-pending Squat Assistive Technology (S.A.T) guides you on the way down and gently assists you on the way up, helping you perform a textbook squat every time. All with virtually no strain on your knees! In fact, a Squat Magic squat puts up to 30kg less strain on your joints but still gives you all the amazing benefits!

Okay, so again, promises of less knee strain (hoorah!) and all the amazing benefits?! It also states that:

  • Squat Magic is the low impact exercise assistant that helps you squat and transform your bum from saggy to shapely!
  • Patent-pending Squat Assistive Technology and specially engineered tilt feature puts you in the correct position to perform a textbook squat every time.
  • Guides and supports you on the way down and assists you on the way back up so you can easily perform more squats without tiring for a more effective workout!
  • Perform 15+ squat variations to target your lower body from every angle.
  • Build a sexy, lifted bottom, toned and defined legs and a sculpted core.
  • 3 levels of resistance so you can tailor your workout to provide assistance no matter your age or fitness level.
  • Low-impact and easy on the joints because the resistance bands provide support and assistance to make squatting easy for everyone.
  • Provides up to 30kg of assistive force on the way up, meaning up to 30kg less strain on your knees. Perfect if you’re recovering from injury or have suffered problems with your knees in the past.

I’m really excited to be taking part in the challenge and finally adding Squats back in to my routine! I will be posting all about it on my Instagram so make sure your following to get the updates! I will also be checking in on Day 15 on the challenge and doing a before and after when the challenge is finished!

Have you seen this product online yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

This post is sponsored by High Street TV but all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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