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Does anyone else have a fear of going to the dentist or is it just me? I’m not sure what it is, if its the fact he gets up close and personal in my mouth, or the fact that any appointment he could spring the needle/injection card on me, but I get terrified. In one way I suppose it is not the worst thing, as after every time I see him I vow to get improve my dental routine to stop any future problems. I have been extremely lucky in the past as I have never had to have any dental work done but I always have a fear that my luck with run out (especially with all the diet drinks I consume!).

After my most recent visit, I actually downloaded the Oral-B app (which has a pretty snazzy timer) to make sure I was spending enough time brushing my teeth. Whilst browsing the app I ended up looking at the electric toothbrushes as mine is in dire need of replacing. The one that grabbed my attention the most was the Oral-B Genuis 9000 as it actually detects where you brush and shows you on the app (how cool is that!?). However the price tag was pretty hefty but considering it is all singing and all dancing I had a look.

A few days later I ended up browsing again, and to my amazement Boots had a special offer on the toothbrush with huge savings of £170! I ended up throwing it straight in my (virtual) basket and not only did I get it better than half price, I got triple boots points (winning!) and cashback as I bought it through topcashback! WHAT A BARGAIN!

So what makes this toothbrush so special?!

  • Position Detection Technology – tracks brush position, ensuring all zones in the mouth are evenly brushed.
  • Triple Pressure Sensor Technology – measures the pressure applied through the brush head, and alerts you when the pressure is too high, and reduces the brushing speed if you brush too hard, ensuring a comfortable and gentle clean whilst protecting gums.
  • Personalised SmartRing – a multi-colour 360 degrees lighting system, offering a choice of twelve coloured LED lights, allowing you to select your favourite colour to customise your brush and make your brushing experience more attuned to your personality.
  • Using Bluetooth your smartphone can speak to the brush and relay real-time information to an on screen timer.
  • The brush itself has a 12 day battery life, and 6 different cleaning modes.

So yeah, you could say I feel like I am adulting very hard right now, as I have never dropped that cash on a electric toothbrush before. However I am super excited to start using my new investment (I can pretend its an investment can’t I?) Tbh with you I am just excited to use the app! I love techie stuff and I am quite nerdy when it comes to data and tracking things!

What do you think to the Oral B Genius 9000 toothbrush? Would you drop that much money on a electric toothbrush? Let me know in the comments

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