Behind The Filter – WMHD17

World Mental Health Day - Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health has been an important factor in my life for so many years now. I remember being terrified of the stigma attached to it, how I felt like I would be laughed at as it wasn’t a visible illness. I remember thinking I was going mad and feeling so alone and isolated when I was already at my lowest. I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone or have the support I needed to get the help and treatment to start living again.

When I was invited to take part in the #BehindTheFilters campaign that Emily (@english_ems) was organising, I instantly said yes even though I was terrified. Raising awareness of such an important subject and standing with such amazing and inspiring women in the fitness and health industry was something I couldn’t say no too, even though I was filled with fear.

Emily started the campaign to break the stigma surrounding Mental Health, and try to make it something thats not so scary to talk about. Like Emily, I often wonder how things would be different if I had reached out and got the support I needed instead of holding it all in and trying to survive.

The goal of the campaign is to empower, and show that it is okay to have suffered or to be suffering. I personally want you to know that there is always someone to talk to, even if its a friend or a stranger on the internet. I have had more honest conversations and support than I ever thought possible thanks to social media and thanks to this, met and become friends with some strong inspirational women.

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The girls involved in this campaign are incredible, strong women and I urge you to follow them and read their inspiring stories. Like snowflakes or finger prints, no persons mental health story is the same. Each person has a different story and journey and thanks to these incredible women, I know now more than ever we are not alone and what we are going through may be unique but there will always be support for us.

Emily Warbuton-Adams @English_ems
Georgie Spurling – @georgiespurling
Indigo Hull – @indigoalicefit
Emily Hartridge @emilyhartridge
Amanda Bootes @amandabootes
Rhiannon Lambert – @rhitrition
Laura Mua – @Mangoandbliss
Charlotte Maton –
Isa Robinson – @goodnessguru
Kirsty Grant – @Kissybell_fit
Sian Ryan – @sianliftsweights
Sarah Malcolm – @sarahmalcs
Zara Williams – @zaralwilliams
Cristina Stief – @cristinastief

Domenic Pendino, Photographer : @domenicpendino

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