I could be an outdoor person, if I had wifi.

If you knew me a year ago, you would know that never in a million years would I go on a holiday where the activities were anything exercise or moving related. Getting fresh air and having no wifi would have been my idea of hell. Stripping down to just my cossie and jumping in a freezing cold ocean would have never crossed my mind.

Well here I am, writing this on a very long but packed train on my way home with no knickers on. How did that happen you ask? Well it certainly isn’t from doing the walk of shame, however smelling like ocean water and sand does have a similar feeling to that.

The past weekend has got me thinking about a lot of stuff, maybe coastal air does that to a person, or maybe it was the lack of service and wifi. I was lucky enough to be invited by Amanda Bootes to accompany her and head up to wales for the weekend, to spend a weekend with some amazing women (& Jonny!) to see what Wales is really about.

I never thought I would enjoy an outdoor holiday, but I just feel like I never gave them a chance. The old me was lazy, and hated the idea of moving to the pool let alone do anything outdoors and adventurous. Well 7pm rolled around and we arrived at Haven Greenacres in North Wales. I never realised how beautiful Wales was before, but even just during the taxi ride to the site I got to see some beautiful greenery.

Now I have always know Haven as a family seaside resort, where you either stayed at the site or hit the beach. Never did I think I would be using it as a base to go exploring with my gal pals or a place where I could practise yoga on the beach. I guess Haven is full of surprises.

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The first thing I did notice when I got to Haven Greenacres though was the DOGS. I love dogs, and the fact that Haven are so pet friendly is amazing. I often put off going away because I hate the idea of leaving my little princess but the fact there is places like this that are so amazing and dog friendly is incredible and means the pup gets a holiday too!

So I am not new to caravan holidays. I went on one recently in Essex and to be honest, it was awful. The state of the caravan and the site was less than average and we actually complained everyday to get things fixed but not once was our complaints dealt with and we actually left a day early. Turns out the manager turned up the day after that which was completely unacceptable.

So yeah, after that experience I was dubious, but I really shouldn’t have worried. Our caravan was lovely, it felt like a home from home and was well equipped. It was perfect for us to use as a base whilst we went exploring the lakes of Snowdonia and was lovely to feel like we were at home after a full day of walking and exploring. The site was amazing too, with a fish & chip shop (which was amazing!), a local mart, arcades, mini golf, millies cookies!? restaurant & bar where we had cocktails! Plus I have never seen so many happy doggos in my life, so tbh that made my weekend.

Saturday we headed out early and went exploring. We got the local buses and headed out to see the beautiful lakes and mountains of Snowdonia. Seeing such beautiful sites was gorgeous, and being able to spend the day just out in the fresh outdoors, with my beautiful best friend exploring and taking pictures was amazing. The feeling of being switched off from the world is incredible and actually, once I recovered from all the travelling I felt so inspired.

Sunday was an incredible but tiring day. We started the day practising yoga on the beach, then had the amazing ladies from Gone Swimming guide us through wild swimming in the ocean and in the lakes of North Wales. They filled us with tea and laughter in between and honestly, I had such an amazing time. It was really eyeopening to see what new and exciting things you can try out!

haven greenacre - yoga on the beach

Sarah Jane Edwards Photography

So heading home late sunday night, with no underwear to be seen on a busy packed train, all that filled my head was thoughts of climbing into my fresh bedding at home, but also how Haven really open your eyes to new things, and its not just for families with children. I had one of the best weekends ever this weekend, just eating good food, with great people and trying new things that I would have never thought about trying.

Thank you Haven! When was the last time you went on a caravan holiday? Did you try something new?!

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