Holiday Confidence; 5 ways to feel confident in your bikini

This is the third part to my mini series on feeling your best when going on holiday. Part one was all about killer workouts to help you get in your best shape, part two was all about beating the bloat fast and now I am introducing part 3; feeling confident in your swimwear.

body confidence - being confident in swimwear

In the age of Instagram, social media and detox teas, its hard to feel body confident all the time, especially when it comes to hitting the pool or beach. The fear of not looking ‘beach-body’ ready is high, but in reality all we need is our bodies and a beach! We don’t need fasting diets, 10 hours of cardio a day, detox teas or protein shake diets. Lets just re-evaluate our mindset; It sounds so simple, yet trying to get that ‘I am awesome’ attitude is a challenge in itself.

With that in mind, I want you to have the best summer yet, brimming with confidence that you are sassy AF, so here are some confidence boosting tips to make you feel awesome.

Swimwear Confidence Tips:
  1. Find your perfect swimsuit – Screw wearing an unflattering bikini because it’s the trendiest thing in Topshop right now, shop around and find your perfect style. Find something you feel like a GODDESS in and rock it. There is so many styles, colours and shops now to find your perfect swimsuit so make sure you find yours. It may be a high-waisted bikini, cheeky cut out cossie or even a brightly coloured tankini! Find one that flatters and fills you with confidence so you feel amazing lounging round the pool!
  2. Pamper yourself – Preholiday give your self the biggest pampering sesh! I am talking body scrubs, face masks, hair mask, fake tan, manis ect. Everyone knows that a tan makes you so much happier! You feel healthier and your mood instantly improves.
  3. Holiday Playlist – Make yourself a banging holiday playlist that will instantly put you in a feel good mood. Get your favourite classics on it too, anything you can have a boogie too! Even if its sat on a sun lounger reading a book having a cheeky sing-along or even blasting it on your bluetooth speaker.
  4. Stop comparing yourself – With Instagram full of celebs, models and people flaunting their ‘amazing’ bodies and lifestyles its hard not to compare ourselves to them. In reality we will never look like a Kardashian, they don’t even look like them! Instead of scrutinising other people and putting yourself down, focus on the things you love about how you look and use this as a starting point to embrace your whole body!
  5. Get Inspired – We are so lucky to have so many amazing people and resources to look up to and be inspired! Add a few amazing blogs to your reading list or whack a few books in your basket on amazon to read pool side! I highly recommended checking out Gala Darling’s blog + book; Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams! Books like The Goddess Revolution: Make Peace with Food, Love Your Body and Reclaim Your Life, #Girlboss and for my single ladies out there ‘This Is Why Your Single‘ book + podcast! Get inspired to be the best version of you and start to love yourself NOW!

With all these tips in mind, I want you all to have an an amazing holiday and feel like a GOD DAMN GODDESS like you all are!! Body positivity is hard, but we all need to remember how amazing we are and a make a little more time for ourselves.

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