2 weeks to go: ‘my top tips to beat bloat fast’

holiday - 2 weeks to beat the bloat fastWith summer holidays approaching fast, we often feel the pressure to look our best so we can feel our best whilst we are away. I know personally for me, the countdown normally starts with 6 weeks to go, stressing about how I can get into shape fast so I can try to not look like a beached whale whilst trying to gain a tan.

In reality, I’m not going to be able to get the body of a Kardashian or IG Fitness model in 6 weeks, heck I’ve been on my fitness journey for nearly 2 years & I’m still not close! What I can do though is make small changes to my diet and lifestyle to help me look better and feel better on the inside.

Personally for me, there is nothing worse than feeling bloated and the last thing I want to do before I go away on holiday is suffer from a serious bloating escapade. So today I want to share my top tips on how to beat the bloat when you have less than a fortnight before your sunning yourself in your bikini, topping up your tan!

  1. Water – Drink all the h2o! If you are dehydrated your body will want to hold on to all the water which leads to fluid retention and that bloated feeling. It is shocking how little people drink on a daily basis (I work with a lady who barely drinks 2 plastic cups of it a day!!) Be aiming for at least 2litres of water a day, but if your active like me I definitely would drink more. I try to drink 4litres a day personally!
  2. Bananas – Eat more bananas! Banana’s are packed full of potassium, a nutrient that helps regulate fluid balance to help with bloating! Plus it adds one more to your five a day!
  3. Fibre – Are you getting enough fibre?! Too little fibre can lead to constipation, which can then result in bloating. Women should be eating around 25grams a day, and men 38 grams of fibre from whole foods such as veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds!
  4. Fizzy Drinks – This is a big one for me! Carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, cans of Monster and even the diet and sugar free versions can lead to gas getting trapped in our tummys. For best results, give your self a carbonated drink detox, cutting out all the fizzy stuff! If that’s not possible, try to cut down the amount you have a day & add in extra water!
  5. Timing – Fasting. I know fasting sounds scary, but do you know we actually fast during the night anyway?! Our body does all the hard work whilst we are catching our beauty sleep! Personally, I use Intermittent Fasting as part of my lifestyle which is a 16hour fasting, and 8 hour eating window. I normally have my last meal around 7 and have my first meal of the day around 11am. As scary as it sounds, you don’t need to religiously stick to that or even follow ‘fasting’. Just having your dinner a little earlier gives your body more time to digest and work hard which results in less bloating when you wake!

food to beat the bloat fast - get rid of bloating fast before holidayThere’s my 5 top tips to beating the bloat when you have less than two weeks to feel & look your best. Aside from the tips I mentioned above, you could also take a probiotic to improve your gut health, research the FODMAP diet which helps with food intolerances and IBS, cutting out food that are known to be irritable and also cutting out alcohol which is also a known irritant.

What are your top tips to beat the bloat and flatten the stomach before a big holiday? Let me know in the comments, I need all the help I can get!

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