4 weeks to go: Killer workouts to get you in your best shape fast

It’s officially July, which means we are over halfway through the year already! Insane right?! This also means that most of us are nearing the time to jump on a plane and head somewhere warm and tropical (yes, spain counts!). Whilst we are normally filled to the brim with excitement of being able to fob off work for a week and sit in the sunshine, for most of us it also fills us with dread, worrying how we will get that ‘bikini bod’ in time.

using killer workouts - get bikini body ready in 4 weeks; killer full body workouts to burn fat and get in shape fast

I wish it was as easy as listening to someone telling us to love our bodies, and I truly believe each and everyone of you is beautiful, amazing and should love yourself at whatever size, but I know sometimes we do just want to give ourselves an extra boost of confidence when we want to rock our bikinis by the pool.

To help give you that extra boost, I have made a round up of my favourite killer full body workouts to help when you’ve got 4 weeks before its sunshine and bikini pics!

  1. Boxing – A 2 in 1 full body workout, combining strength and cardio, Boxing is a great way of upping the intensity in your workouts and get results fast. With its high intensity of punches and kicks it really pushes you. It is also a great way of destressing too, laying into the punch bag or pads, giving it everything I’ve got!
  2. Weight Training – Not only does Weight Training burn fat, it also changes the body composition, builds strength and decreases the risk of diabetes, back injury and osteoporosis. With 4 weeks to go, combining high reps (12-15) with supersets and little rest will give you the best results. On my journey I have exclusively done weights, with minimum cardio and along with eating well, lost 85lbs so far!
  3. Hill Sprints – Hill Sprints is one of the best explosive fat burners; mixing cardio with power to get results fast. Head to your nearest hill, or ramp up the incline on the treadmill and run as fast as you can to the top (treadmills set a time, 20-30 seconds depending on your fitness levels) and then rest and repeat 8 times. You will sweat ALOT, ramping up your heart rate and targeting your legs, glutes and core, all ready to rock that bikini by the pool!
  4. Bodyweight Circuits – Bodyweight circuits are another great fat burner. Pick 5-6 full body, body weight exercises (squats, crunches, lunges, pushups, planks ect) and do them for 45-60 seconds and then with no rest in-between until you’ve finished your circuit, and then rest, and repeat 8 times! The high intensity circuit will be upping your heart rate, getting you sweaty and targeting all the muscles – this is a great way to get fit at home, and when your pushed on time! There’s some great apps that you can use too, like ‘7 Minute Workout’ which simplifies it for you!
  5. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training is another great way to get into shape fast. Instead of spending 30-45minutes on the treadmill, try a 10 minute HIIT workout instead! Its seriously challenging, can be done anywhere, with anything! HIIT on the stair master at the gym, skipping in the garden, or walk/running in the park. Mixing up short high intensity intervals with longer low intensity recovery periods really works the body hard, firing up the metabolism, burning fat and helping you keep your heart healthy!

There you have it! 5 killer full body workouts that will help you get that extra confidence boost FAST and make sure your feeling your best you when you head abroad this year!

What are your favourite killer workouts you like to do when you want to mix it up? Personally for me, boxing circuits is a killer but its my favourite workout! Let me know yours in the comments!

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