Gym Tank Wishlist

This past year I have gone from someone who hates any type of exercise to now hitting the gym every day and I can easily say my gym wear collection is bigger than my normal clothes (oops). I find myself eyeing up more gym clothes nowadays than I do anything else and these gym tanks below are the newest things added to my wish list. How amazing are they?! I definitely think they would make me feel 100% badass whilst working out and I literally just want to buy them all!

The gym is my happy hour | Train like ironman | I lift like ironman | On wednesdays we wear pink to the gym | #dollbarbie | Bad choices make good stories | Run & workout & champagne & strawberries | Barbie barbell | Will run for champagne |

I will 100% be buying all of the tanks above, but the top 3 for me would be the ‘will run for champagne’, ‘bad choices make good stories’ and ‘i lift like iron man’.

Having gym clothes that make you feel amazing and bad ass is a big key in motivating yourself to go workout and it is also a great confidence boost and it is so simple too! Just throw on your favourite clothes and go smash it!

Which ones do you want to add to your wish list? Let me know in the comments!

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