My Current Gym Routine

sianliftsweights my current gym routine

After plateauing for months its finally time to kick my ass into gear. My first goal is so close, and I just want to stay focused now.

Cardio is one of the biggest things that was missing from my regime. Like many people I find it really boring (snoozefest!). I decided to get a PT to ramp up the intensity for my sessions. Having started a month of sessions last week, so I’ll be having 2 x 30 minutes sessions of pure killer training. I told him if I’m not dead by the end then its not good enough! The sessions involve boxing, burpees, planks, sprints, spin bikes, box jumps and much more. The aim is to go as hard as possibly until I’m DRIPPING with sweat. Mission Accomplished.

I have also been favouring a push / pull / legs split and previously was doing it 3 days a week but now I plan on upping the training I have amended it slightly.

The plan of action:

Monday: Legs / Liss Cardio

Tuesday: PT / Mobility

Wednesday: Push / Liss Cardio

Thursday: Pull / PT

Friday: Active rest

Saturday: Legs / Mobility

Sunday: Active rest

I plan on playing it by ear on my active rest days, to see if I fancy doing some cardio such as treadmill walking or using the crosstrainer.

Whilst training like this I am also trying to hit the below goals daily:

  • Drink 4l of water
  • 6k-10k steps
  • Hit my macros
  • Take my prebiotic

Tracking the goals above is super easy on my phone using my favourite apps including Fitbit!

I am finding so far, that having the extra daily goals is helping to keep me focused a little better and I am loving the PT sessions too. Finding something you love is so important for staying consistent and staying on track. I love this intense style of ‘box-fit’ cardio training, and although during I am swearing like a sailor at my personal trainer in Atlanta, afterwards I feel incredible!

This is the current plan so far, and although I am only on Day 2 overall, I am hoping to break this plateau and hopefully hit 170lbs in the next few weeks!

What are you currently doing training wise? Let me know in the comments!

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