Ufit Protein Shakes

I currently live my life in the fast lane. Working over 50 hours a week, getting up at 4:30 to hit the gym. Then I try and see family, friends, walk the pup and try and get me time in my week whilst trying to hit my fitness goals.

Sundays are spent meal prepping, planning my workouts and week, getting my gym bag ready for the morning ahead, and I have even started adding long walks with the pup to try and get my steps in!

Although I live life at 100mph, I am so lazy, and I am all about convenience, I’m like the convenience queen! I want things as easy as possible so you can imagine my delight testing Ufit Protein Shakes* in my busy regime.

ufit protein shakes 50g protein 22g protein shake

These shakes are available in Tesco’s, so are an easy option to grab and go when you want to have a quick protein hit. They fit perfectly in my lunch bag with all my meal prep and are easy enough to throw in my gym bag for a post workout snack.

Recently I was kindly sent some of the Ufit Protein range to try and they don’t disappoint. I had actually bought them a few times before in my local Tesco’s, as like I mentioned; I am all about convenience and was really happy with the price and taste.

Its great how they don’t break the bank either, unlike a few other shakes sold in Tescos.. (ahem.. £9 for 2 shakes is not something I am down with!) and the macros mean they don’t mess up my goals in the day either!

Ufit High Protein Shake (310ml):

170kcals, 22g of essential protein, 3.2g fibre, 3.2g fat and 10/11g carbs & no added sugar. Available in: Banana, Chocolate, Iced Latte, Strawberry & Vanilla.

Ufit Lactose Free Shake (310ml):

162kcal, 22g of essential protein, 3.2g fat, 10g carbs, 1.9 fibre, no added sugar and lactose free. Available in Strawberry & Vanilla. Sold in Sainsburys & Boots.

Ufit 50g Protein Shake (500ml):

336kcal, 50g of essential protein, 5.7g fat, 18g carbs, no added sugar and rich in amino acids, vitamins & minerals. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry.

Overall I am really impressed at the Ufit Protein Shake range. Protein is such an important part of fitness and health and if you are not getting enough in your diet, a protein shake is a great way to supplement the extra protein. You can read about the benefits of protein here.

What are your thoughts on protein shakes? Have you tried any of the UFit range? Let me know in the comments!

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