Dating: Clikd Review

Clikd definitely caught my attention when I first heard about it. For someone who has been single a long time, and who has completed Tinder more times than I care to share, I get super excited when new things come on the dating scene.

Okay, so lets talk Tinder for like 2-seconds. When your a Tinder newbie, its great. You get loads of matches and your a banter QUEEN, wooing all the singletons with your hilarious one liners and quick wittedness. However, you soon realise the conversation dies as you have NOTHING in common with these people. I mean great, he’s got a dog in that last picture and has pizza and beer in his bio but really what do you have in common?!

For myself and many other singletons out there, it is important to have similar interests. I know of course everyone shares a love of pizza and dogs, (if you don’t, what are you?!) but if I can’t share my interests that take up the rest of my none working life what can I do?

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For me, being into fitness or working out is super important. Of course they don’t have to be a freaky gym bunny like me going at all hours, but it would be nice for them to know and understand my goals and be a little excited when I start talking PR’s and planning cheat meals!

That’s where Clikd has done things differently. They have created an app that took all the best bits from dating, social media and photo sharing platforms and made a super fancy app that has swapped out the swiping feature and instead replaced it with awesome photo-based questions that you can tailor to your interests!

These make sure that you only ‘clik’ with people that you share interests with and makes super easy conversation starters for those that refuse to pull cheesy (yet hilarious) one liners like myself.

I love the fact its super easy to use too! When you sign up, you create your own quiz made up of 3 questions based on your interests. Clikd has loads of categories too so there will always be questions related to your interests (and if not, you can submit all your ideas for new questions too!). You also select 3-5 interests for your profile so Clikd can give you daily recommendations on people it thinks you will ‘clik’ with.  I obviously chose interests regarding food and gym and it was super fun picking questions like ‘Leg day or Chest Day’ or ‘What’s your Cheat meal’ (I submitted that one myself!) and the photos make it way more fun too (and super hungry if your eyeing up the burgers on the cheat meal question! LOL).

So once you’ve set your quiz up, you can start taking other people’s quizzes in your recommendations and also nudging them to take yours. You only get to chat when you’ve ‘clikd’ so when you’ve both taken each others quizzes and got the same answers you can turn on the charm and sparkle 😉

I have got to say I am loving the Clikd so far, it beats zombie-swiping on Tinder and I know that I will be making better quality matches rather than a high quantity of matches.

Clikd is also designed for meeting new people for friendship too and again is a great way to make quality connections with people!

So what have you got to lose, download Clikd now and let me know what questions will be on your profile in the comments!

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*This post is not sponsored or endorsed in any way. I received no payment for this post and as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.