My Top Supplements ft USN

If your into fitness or looking to get fit, you will probably have some goals you want to achieve. I personally have about a trillion goals I want to tackle. Lose that 2olbs, finally do a pull up, deadlift 100kg.. the list goes on! If you are serious about hitting your fitness goals, you have to get serious with your nutrition and training.

For me, diet and training only go so far and to really get the boost I need to get those results, I use a mixture of supplements. Now I know supplements are a MINEFIELD. What to buy, when to take it, what brands actually deliver?! There is so much information on the net that it can get really confusing so today, I present to you my top supplements I use daily to help keep on track!

  1. Protein shakes – If you don’t know why protein is important, you need to read this post right NOW. Personally there is only so much chicken and fish I can eat a day, so using protein shakes helps me hit my protein macros and fuel my body after those workouts.

USN Pure GF1 6 Stage Lean Protein contains a whopping 40g of protein per serving, with 17g BCAA/Glutamic Acid and L-Glutamine. It features less than 3g of fat and is perfect for that post gym shake!

2. Aminos / BCAAs – BCAA’s help with muscle retention and help maximise fat loss. They help improve fatigue and concentration and can really give you that extra push during your workouts! I drink BCAA’s religiously at the gym.

USN Amino Energy is a caffeinated energy drink with 5000mg BCAA and only has 20kcals per bottle! Packed full of vitamins and minerals it is perfect to drink for a pre workout or during your workout to help with muscle recovery and help fatigue!

3. Fat Burners – Fat burners support weight loss by enhancing the metabolism, minimise cravings and maintain a healthy appetite. They can help aid fat loss along side training and eating a healthy diet and if your trying to cut fat like me they can be a amazing for that extra push!

USN Phedra Cut Lipo XT is a 2 phase multi action fat burner that contains thermogenic ingredients and also Vitamin B6 and caffeine to give you extra energy and focus whilst delivering those fat burning results.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 3 supplements. I do also take other supplements but not as regularly, such as Creatine and Preworkout!

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you!

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