Dating Diaries | Tinderella

Dating. It’s just one of those things that you can love one minute and hate the next. When dating is going good, it’s addictive. It makes you feel like a sassy queen that you are and feel proper sex in the city like! But when dating is bad, its freaking hard work and knocks your confidence 100 feet backwards.

Hi, my name is Sian and I am what you probably call a Tinderella. I never use to be this way surprisingly. Before my last relationship ended in September 2015, I had NEVER been on a date, I mean wut?! I think it was mainly down to my self confidence (or massive lack of) that hindered me but now I would consider myself well-versed in the dating world (lol, I know nothing!)

I know my blog is mainly fitness and weightloss orientated, but I want to document my dating fiascos from this point onwards. Mainly cause my friends (the few that I have, be my friend pls?!) are sick of hearing about my boy problems, and because I have some HILARIOUS stories that no one ever gets to hear about!

So count this post as a dating series introduction. I want to document my dates, the good and the bad, and all the tips I have picked up on the way! In the last 18 months that I have been dating, I have been quite the serial dater! I can’t help it! That being said there is times where I end up hating tinder and get so bored I hit on men with serial killer inspired chat up lines or just point blank tell them I’m going to murder them just to get some very twisted lolz out of it.

What can I say, I’m a bit mental (defo the reason I am single now I think about it..) and I just hope I can bring some lolz into your life too, even if its you laughing at me and my many dating fails!

I definitely want to hear all about your dating fails, or successes! Throw all the tips and advice my way in the comments below!

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