VITL – The Monthly Vitamin Box

VITL is a company I hadn’t heard of until recently and I was definitely intrigued. I am a big fan of supplements so I definitely wanted to see what the hype was all about.

I ordered a trial pack to test out, which cost less than £4! The packaging is really sleek and minimal, which I think looks lovely!

So a little more about VITL:

Our products are developed by VITL’s team of leading experts using the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients to help you stay healthy and feel great. We believe in keeping things simple, so we’ve created a single solution that covers all the essentials. Our supplements come in convenient, tearable daily strips so you can always take them with you on the go. Thoughtfully designed to fit effortlessly and conveniently with your busy day, and accompanied by our helpful app and inspiring online content we’re on a mission to make staying healthy a little more achievable.”VITL

The thing I love the most about VITL Vitamins is the tearable strips. It makes it so much easier to pop into your handbag in the morning if your running late. I find that normally I only remember my vitamins when I am halfway to work!

Following in the steps of our favourite monthly subscription services, VITL aims to take the guess work out of vitamins. There are so many out there, When do we need to take them? What do we need to take? VITL helps solve the vitamin puzzle with a simple solution.

Each VITL One Daily Nutrition Pack Contains: Multivitamins – a blend of essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to general health and wellbeing, Supergreens – a unique blend of natural antioxidants, CoQ10 – a co-enzyme needed by the body’s cells that plays an important role in energy metabolism and Krill Oil – an omega-3 that is absorbed better by the body than fish oil and free from contaminants. Every box is ticked.

VITL Supplements start at £33.95 for a month and you can see more here. I think it’s a great idea however the only negative for me would be the price tag. I do think that it comes at quite a high cost to have vitamins delivered when I can grab bottles from my local Tesco for a couple of pounds each, however VITL does take the guess work out of the vitamins for you and makes it super simple and easy to access!

What are your thoughts on vitamin subscriptions? Would you pay to have VITL vitamins delivered to your door each month?

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*This post is not sponsored and I purchased the trial pack myself. All views and opinions are my own, always honest and not influenced in any way.