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Gymwear is not something you necessarily associate with confidence at first glance, but I have found throughout my fitness journey it is one of the key players to make you feel like you can do literally anything. You may or may not have been following my weight loss & fitness journey over the past few months, so you may not know that I’ve lost 85lbs which is roughly 6st (as of January 18th 2017) and that at my biggest I was 18st 9lbs or that I have been a ¬†size 24/26 in the past.

I personally found when I first joined a gym, it was the scariest thing ever, especially being severely overweight. Logically you would think it would be fine, everyone in the same boat trying to get fitter or lose weight, but I found stepping in the gym, most people had the bodies that I could only dream about and I felt myself getting very anxious and panicky. It didn’t help that I wore the baggiest top and jogging pants I could, to try to hide my shape and blend in, but it did quite the opposite. I felt frumpy and fat, and my lack of confidence made me stand out like a sore thumb. I couldn’t give my all in my workouts as I felt like I was just being watched and I just wanted to get in and out and not go back!

It all changed for me when I discovered TLC Sport‘s slimming legging range. I was on the hunt for some leggings that would be flattering and opaque and I stumbled across TLC Sport’s activewear¬†and never looked back. I have honestly been a huge fan for the last 5/6 years and cannot recommend them enough.

tlc sport gym wear - caters for all women of every size and shape

I’ve found the worst part about being overweight is the lack of gym clothes for anybody over a size 12-14 it seems, but to my amazement TLC Sport have always catered to women of all sizes! It’s such a breath of fresh air to see stylish and flattering gymwear that is catered for all women, no matter what size!

Investing in gym clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable is the biggest gym game changer. When you feel great in yourself and what you wear, you feel like you can do anything and take on the world! Running that 5k, no biggie! Hitting that new squat PR, easy peasy!

Comfort is key for confidence, if you feel comfortable in what you wear, the rest comes easy! If you feel uncomfortable because of the style or fit, it will affect your confidence and in turn affect your workouts too! I have literally gone from the girl who hid in the baggy t-shirts and joggers to now wearing figure hugging leggings (even at a size 18-20) and flattering tank tops and bras! It doesn’t matter what size you are, only how you feel!

tlc sport figure firming slimming leggings gymwear

You can read more of my thoughts on the TLC Sport Slimming leggings here. I am such a huge fan of these leggings and the company as a whole! TLC Sport is run by an amazing mother-daughter duo that have been killing it recently! I love that they are for all women, not for the ‘already fit’ women and I owe them so much for giving me confidence to get where I am now in my fitness journey!

Have you ever tried TLC Sport gymwear or have any great tips for getting the confidence in the gym? Let me know in the comments below!

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