Multipower 53% Protein Bar | Review

multipower protein bar
Let’s not waste time, we all know I am a huge protein bar fanatic. I go mad for protein cookies, protein bars and shakes but it is very hard to impress me nowadays. When I first started using protein supplements at the start of my fitness journey, I was very disappointed. They were chewy and tasteless and by the end of it they use to make me gag. I only ever thought you could pick up protein bars from places like Holland & Barratt and was shocked at the selection. Fast forward a year or so and I am a protein bar connoisseur. If your unsure about protein and where it comes in make sure you check out my ‘What Is Protein‘ post where I explain about it helping weight loss and gaining muscle!

I have tried a lot of protein bars, shakes and cookies in the past year, with not many making the cut! If you follow me on instagram you will know I LOVE Lenny & Larry Cookies, but realistically when I am trying to lose body fat I cannot be eating a cookie a day, even though I am sure the saying goes ‘1 Cookie a day keeps the doctor away…’ don’t you?!

This is where the guys at Multipower come in! If you read my previous post on their protein, you will know I am a big fan and they do amazing stuff over in Multipower HQ. They kindly sent me some of their 53% protein bars to test out and I am super excited to do a protein bar review!

What Multipower say:

“The hugely popular 50% Protein Bar has been taken to the next level: Multipower’s new 53% Protein Bar features increased protein content and an improved recipe. With 27g protein this new 53% protein bar supports increased protein requirements when training. With fast and slow acting proteins, Multipower’s 53% protein bar provides a sustained release of protein. Perfect for between meals, as a tasty treat or after training to aid muscle-building and recovery. Supports muscle development and lean definition when training and muscle maintenance when dieting. Low in sugar (1.8 grams) and only 200 calories per bar.”

The main difference with these protein bars is the texture. They aren’t the dense dry texture that you usually find, and have a texture that is more like a noughat. I love that they also have a coating on the outside too! The best thing about these bars is the fact they have 27g of protein per bar!! That is literally insane, especially when they come in at 200kcals! If you compare it to another protein bar for example, the Grenade Carb Killer Bars, they come in at 215kcals, 15g carbs, 8g fat and only 22g protein! Where are the Multipower bars are 200kcals, 5g fat, 9g carbs & 27g protein!! They are super low in sugar too with only 1.8g per bar!

I give these bars a huge thumbs up and I can’t wait to get some more of the coconut flavour, as they are delicious!! They come in 4 flavours too; chocolate, coconut (my fave), cookies and cream and berry yoghurt! You can buy them here.

multipower protein bar

Quick tip for you too, whack these babies in the microwave for 5-10seconds and they turn in to a gooey chocolate protein heaven! 

Have you tried these bars from Multipower? Let me know in the comments!

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