My Goals | 2017

What a year 2016 has been, craaaazy right?! To be honest with you I am so glad to be putting it behind me. I love a new year, I love new beginnings and a clean slate. It gives me the idea that I can start over, make changes and strive to be better! I’m sure its just me but you can’t deny a new year makes you want to kick butt and make it a better year!

However, I am not one for resolutions. They have never worked for me, I just cannot get them to stick! I am more of a goal getter, list writer type of girl! I want to set goals, then smash them and set more again! I cannot say enough how having mini goals in 2016 really helped me stay focused and on track and even when I wasn’t focused on one goal, I would just focus on another to mix it up!

So what goals do I want to smash in 2017? Lets find out!


My first goal weight is 150-160lbs. This is up for change as I don’t know what I will look like or how I will feel at this weight yet so its just a general idea!

I want to lose at least 10% body fat also or at least get below 25%


  • Hipthrust 150kg
  • Bench 50kg
  • Deadlift 100kg then 150kg
  • Look like I lift weights!
  • Have Glutes of gods
  • Train with gorgeous fitness babes


  • Get another promotion at work
  • More focus on the blog / readers
  • 500 blog followers
  • 10k instagram
  • Complete my personal training course
  • Start saving for a house
  • Don’t lose hope on dating due to fuck boys
  • Find a little happiness everyday
  • Take more photos with friends and family

So as you can see, I have plenty of goals to be getting on with in 2017! I personally don’t think they are unachievable and I look forward to smashing them all this year!

What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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