50 Things I’m Grateful For | 2016

As 2016 draws to close, it is hard to look back and see the good. So many things have happened this year that have made me question the human race, the cruelty we have experienced and what poor families have gone through. On this note I have decided to do a light-hearted post, with 50 things that I am grateful for or things that have made me happy this year.

So set a timer for 10 minutes and without thinking too hard, write down 50 (or more!) things that have brought you joy or that you are grateful for this year!

  1. My family; for always putting up with me and being there for me
  2. My puppy; Honey
  3. The gym
  4. Weight-Lifting; a passion I found in 2016
  5. My body being strong and letting me do the things I want too
  6. My health
  7. Netflix; the bae thats always there for me
  8. Social Media
  9. The Fitness Community
  10. Wellbeing Therapy
  11. My Niece Summer
  12. My Best Friend
  13. Chocolate
  14. Protein cookies
  15. Snapchat Filters; shame they can’t be in real life!
  16. The No Sleep Podcast
  17. Music
  18. Pinterest
  19. Sleep
  20. My MacBook Air
  21. Memes, for the times you just need to laugh
  22. Fresh bedding
  23. Wax melts
  24. Books
  25. Gala darling & her self-love
  26. Butts
  27. Disney Princesses; ultimate career goals right!
  28. My Love Of Fitness
  29. Gains
  30. Puppies
  31. Kindness
  32. Protein Treats
  33. Halloween; my favourite holiday!
  34. Childrens laughter
  35. Tinder; just for lols, the stories I have had!
  36. TLC Sport Leggingsgiving me the confidence to hit the gym
  37. Having a job I enjoy
  38. Spotify
  39. Baking
  40. Sleep
  41. Baby/Puppy cuddles
  42. Pizza, ultimate bae am i right?
  43. Romantic comedies
  44. Chris Pratt
  45. My own free will
  46. Children’s Innocence
  47. Sweet Potato Fries
  48. Creativity
  49. Unlimited Data
  50. Tom Hardy, my future husband to be!

I hope you enjoyed my little bit of light-heartedness, its quite nice to take a few minutes just to think about all the good things that we often forget about! If you write a list leave the post below, I would love to have a read!

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