It’s my birthday & I’ll cry if I want to

birthday cake - turning 25Today is the day. It is the day that I turn 25 and it only feels like yesterday that I was 21 or even 23. Time really does fly whilst your having fun.. aka trying to adult.

I don’t tend to broadcast my birthday, especially not on social media or on my blog, but this year things seem different. The Birthday weekend plans don’t involve copious amounts of alcohol or trying to wrap myself round a lamp-post (c’mon, we have ALL been there).

So what are my thoughts on turning 25 exactly? To be honest I’m not sure. I feel lost, like I should have all these milestones ticked off the ‘How to Adult’ list, a long-term partner, engaged, marriage, house, kids, career?! I know I am not the only one and sometimes it is hard to not let it get you down, especially on your birthday when you turn another year older and nothing has seemed to have changed since the last one.


Looking back over the past year though, so much has changed. Things may not be ticked off the ‘Adulting’ list but that doesn’t mean what I have accomplished isn’t valid!

Just before my birthday last year, my relationship ended. I was absolutely devastated and honestly didn’t think I would ever move on or make it through the weekend it happened. Fast forward the past year and I have dabbled in dating, met some amazing people and had a really fun year being single, who knew that could happen?!

This time last year I was weighing in at around 226.5lbs after losing over 30lbs already. This past year I have seriously got into my fitness and weightlifting, and more conscious of my health and what food I am putting into my body. I have lost 85lbs so far and hoping to hit my goal of 160lbs soon! I have accomplished so much fitness wise that I never thought I would ever be able too! Running for 30minutes straight, deadlifting 80kg +, being able to squat half my bodyweight, fitting in to a size 12 dress! All these things have been amazing achievements.

Friends & Family
I have tried this year to spend more time with loved ones, and I have been so lucky to do some amazing things! I went to dinner on the Queens yacht last Christmas and wore a beautiful ball gown. A Christmas I volunteered at church with my mum doing a Christmas dinner. Magical moments were made in Disneyland with the family meeting princesses! I helped my sister move into her new home, and on top of these things I feel so close to these important people. A new member of the family arrived this year too, my gorgeous little Pomeranian pup Honey!

So what do I want to achieve before my next birthday?

  • Hit a goal weight of 150-160lbs
  • Deadlift 100kg & then 150kg
  • Squat bodyweight
  • Promotion at work
  • Complete my Personal training course
  • Train with some gorgeous fitness babes like Alex from CatsandVodka <3
  • Spend more time on my blog
  • Go to more new places

Although I am not where I want to be, I need to remember how far I have actually come this year. After writing this post and realising what a great year it has been, it makes turning 25 a little less scary!

So happy birthday to me! & to anyone else who might share this fabulous day! <3

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