Disney Tag | Questions & Answers.

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I found this amazing Disney Tag on ‘Cakey Dreamer‘s Blog, a new favorite of mine and instantly knew I needed to post it!

1. Favorite Disney character
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She is absolutely beautiful and I love the whole story from start to finish. I grew up watching this a million times and it made me believe in Fairy-tales, Prince Charming and Disney Magic!

2. Favorite Disney movie
It has to be Sleeping Beauty. I am obsessed with the Fairytale/Prince Charming theme and even though its not obvious to many, there is lots of lessons to be learnt, including bravery being rewarded and seeing decisions through.

3. Favourite Disney scene
I absolutely love when Meg realises she has fell in love with Hercules, the song and scene is just so perfect.

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4. Favourite Disney Memory
I took my first trip to Disneyland Paris when I turned 20 in 2010 which I actually won with Morrisons! I went with my mummy and stepdad and we went for halloween. We experienced the park at nighttime as it was open till 3am for Halloween and it was absolutely incredible. Halloween is my favourite holiday anyway and I got to meet all the villians and spend it with my loved ones which made it perfect.

5. Favourite Disney Song
It changes between ‘I Won’t Say (Im In Love)’ and ‘Once Upon A Dream’. Both of these are beautiful songs and I know all the words and can just sing them all day long!

6. What if your go to Disney Movie?
Normally I am all about the Disney Princesses but I do love Hercules! The soundtrack is incredible and so catchy (Hello, I Can Go The Distance?!) and I love the story too! Its a great film to curl up in bed too!

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7. First trip to a Disney Park?
My first trip to Disney was when I was 20 and I won a 3 day break with Morrisons! I took my dearest loved ones, Mummy & Stepdad and we enjoyed Halloween and my Birthday in the park! I got to have a fancy-smhancy dinner with the princesses and meet all the villians! It was an incredible 3 days and has definately put going to Disneyworld on my bucket list!

8. Favourite Disney Park & Ride?
As I mentioned above, I have only been to Disney Paris so its definately my favourite. I love rollercoasters and thrill seeking so my favourite ride definately had to be Space Mountain, I did it 5 times in one day!

9. Most emotional Disney Moment?
I seem to be an emotional wreck at most Disney films but the one that stood out the most has to be The Fox & The Hound, when Todd leaves his best friend and gets sent to the wild! CRYING MY EYES OUT!

10. If you could pick any Disney character to be your Best Friend, who would it be?
If I could pick anyone, I think it would have to be Baymax! I saw the trailer for this over a year ago and fell in love with him instantly, I even dragged my poor boyfriend to the vip showing of it because I wanted to see it that badly. He is just so perfect, and yes.. I did bawl my eyes out at the end!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my random ramblings about Disney! Let me know if you decide to do the Disney Tag!

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